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Les Bouchons Rive Gauche (Robertson Quay)

This pretty and cosy restaurant is decked out like a French bistro. It serves classic dishes such as escargots and steak frites (with unlimited servings of fries).

Daily: 12:00 - 14:00

Daily: 19:00 - 22:00

+65 67334414
$71 based on 37 submissions
Dinner (17 votes), Alfresco/Outdoor Dining (15 votes), Waterfront (15 votes)
Zach Sim

Good Steak

i went there with my gf for dinner. had escargot, ribeye and sirloin. the escargot and the sirloin were a bit too salty. i dont really like the side salad too but the ribeye steak was very good, juicy and tender. the service was not bad too. 

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16 Nov 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

Average food, bad service

went there on a Saturday , ambience is cosy and nice. Ordered skewered lamb and salmon for me and wife. Friends ate steak. When the dish arrives, the presentation is a disappointment. It looks like western food from a hawker. But the steak and lamb taste good enough to remind you that you are in a restaurant but it does taste ordinary. The waiter was serving the food across my toddlers head when my friend ask to be serve from another side to avoid accident, he just cannot be bothered. One of my friends steak was given rare Instead of medium rare . When she told the waiter about it, they shrugged it off saying their steak tends to be a little mote raw . They are also not birthday celebration friendly as they charge 10 bucks for cake corkage. 

at the end of the day, we leave the restaurant feeling Unsatisfied. Total damage for 8 main course is 400. There are certainly better place to spend that money.
27 Jun 2014 • 2 reviews • 0 follower

Good Steak

i went there with my gf for dinner. had escargot, ribeye and sirloin. the escargot and the sirloin were a bit too salty. i dont really like the side salad too but the ribeye steak was very good, juicy and tender. the service was not bad too. 
29 Nov 2012 • 145 reviews • 29 followers

Champions of Steak and fries

Back in the day, before Marina Bay Sands, before all these new great meat-themed places opened up around town, my friends and I would often debate over which of the two steak-et-frites titans was number one....and it always came down to Les Bouchons vs. l'Entrecote. Personally I was always a firm supporter of Les Bouchons.   Since the 'olden days' I've been a busy Nomad rambling around town and  have dined on a plethora of superb steaks. It'd been over a year and a half since I'd been to Les Bouchons and earlier this week was presented with the perfect opportunity to reacquaint myself with their outlet on Ann Siang Road; a guys night out.     In case you've never had a chance to visit this institution of a steakhouse, let me give you the down-low. The concept of Les Bouchons is simple. The menu is one page and the theme is steak; sirloin, ribeye, filet or l'entrecote (for 2 pax). Each main comes with a side salad and the famous free-flow of their fries. There are also some appetizers and desserts to choose from but don't expect a huge selection on a one-page menu ;-).....

To continue reading the full review and to see photos, please visit City Nomads here:
17 Nov 2012 • 10 reviews • 46 followers

juicy ribeye!

I had the 'best thing on the menu' which was the Ribeye, with their special butter on top which made the steak really juicy, their home made fries, and a salad to start!    for the full review and more pictures, go to: celleout
The ribeye was very tender, some parts were fatty the way I like my meat! haha, and I was super full by the time I got to the fries. My steak was Medium Rare and it came well cooked. hurhur.well.cooked. but yeah, I like how the steak wasen't over cooked! nor undercooked! and the cut definitely satiated the steak-craving.    the ambience is nice and quiet, and the restaurant is small and cosy, about ten tables inside, ten tables outside alfresco style. great for hot dates ;) birthdays, and somewhere nice to just enjoy the night =)   the service isin't that good because there aren't alot of waitresses, and we were next to a bar counter so no one could see us!
06 Oct 2012 • 169 reviews • 4 followers

Not as good as expected

For full review and photos visit 

Grilled steak that comes with free flow of fries is a temptation hard to resist. We were there for a friend's birthday. Ambience wise was pretty good sitting by the river. The meal comes with salad and an array of sauces.

Personally, I felt that for the serving, the price is quite reasonable. However, taste wise, I feel that the steak pales in comparison to hog 's breath.

Plus, there is a $10++ charge for cake cutting if you bring your own cake. I find that it's not very reasonable because the restaurant don't sell whole cakes and imposing the fee is quite a turn-off. Service was not very good because the person did not refill our water promptly and food took a long time t be served.

I guess it's worth a try if you're there for the ambience.