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(Closed) Let's Sweets (Bugis Junction)

Expect authentic Japanese creations at this dessert buffet restaurant located at Bugis Junction. Be amazed with more than 40 varieties of desserts for your sweet tooth, including sea salt-caramel rolled cake, chocolate fondant and hand made mochi in various flavors like miso and black sesame.

Daily: 11:30 - 16:30

Daily: 17:30 - 22:00

+65 63380187
$20 based on 34 submissions
Buffet (6 votes), Dinner (5 votes), Lunch (5 votes)
Mushroom Hungry

It is good

It is good. I prefer the dessert over the main dish. If it reopen again, I will go for sure.

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Community submitted Favourites:
Based on 34 votes
10 Oct 2011 • 1 review • 3 followers

It is good

It is good. I prefer the dessert over the main dish. If it reopen again, I will go for sure.
30 Sep 2011 • 1 review • 5 followers

If it is still available,....

If this shop is still available, I want to have more of their dessert than their main dishes. =)

12 Sep 2011 • 3 reviews • 11 followers

Shop closed

I used to have high expectation for this place as they claimed the chefs are from Japan but obviously either it didn't live up the hype or things just go down hill.

The pasta taste salty and not fresh, dessert look dried up (maybe due to the poor business??). The only few things that are decent are the pizzas and ice cream.

Anyway, Let's sweet bugis junction has already closed down and Kazokutei had already taken over the location.

29 Jul 2011 • 1 review • 15 followers

So-So but not bad

Is rather quiet when we reach there since it is in the afternoon. The place was not very crowded but the food was ok-ok. Their dessert was not that fantastic and most of their food have already turned cold.
29 Jan 2011 • 12 reviews • 2 followers

You eat what you pay for!

The saying goes "You eat what you pay for". There's definitely no good food at a low price. For the price that Let's Sweets offers to its customers, I believe the food is reasonably alright. The food offered includes various types of pasta, finger food, sushi, cakes and crepes. My favourite is the boiled egg with sausages. It was salty enough and was served with generous chunks of sliced sausages which contributed some sweetness to the dish. As for the pasta, I would say that they are simple with few ingredients. Along with the fried finger food and sushi, kids would love the food here. However, what was really disappointing was the desserts especially since the name "Let's Sweets" suggests a good dessert place. I was expecting for more variety of cakes and generous servings of fruits and syrup on the crepes. Luckily, there was a chocolate fondue which allows me to add more chocolate to the crepes. Nevertheless, bearing in mind the much lower buffet price here, there isn't really much I could ask for.