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Levant Exquisite Middle Eastern Cuisine

IranianMiddle Eastern
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Welcome! Levant Singapore where we serve only the finest in exquisite Middle Eastern fare -- cuisines we consider to be at the very heart of the Middle East’s tantalising range of renowned culinary delights -- exquisitely melded to Gastronomic Perfection!

Happy Savouring!

Tue - Thu: 11:30 - 15:00

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Sun: 11:30 - 15:00

Sun: 17:30 - 23:30

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$42 based on 6 submissions
Alfresco/Outdoor Dining (3 votes)
Aldora Kxe

Pocket-Friendly Way to Celebrate Birthdays

Treated my fiance for his birthday. The ambience was really nice and cozy, service was attentive and we love the food served!

For detailed review, please visit my blog @

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20 Jul 2014 • 7 reviews • 0 follower

kebab? more like frozen dog food

Came with my bf last week and was totally disappointed. The staff was unknowledgable and couldnt care less at best. But i dont really care about service, it is all about the food.

Had 2 kebabs and an appetizer and the food came well presented but the meat tasted like frozen dinner. the portions was also laughable as the appetizer and main barely kept us full.

Overall, I would not recommend this restaurant if you want to taste authentic middle eastern cuisine. There are just too many other middle eastern establishments that offer authentic and flavourful food at a cheaper price. I think the other reviews are posted by the restaurant itself. This place is a joke.
The management of Levant Exquisite Middle Eastern Cuisine responded to this review:
29 Jul 2014
Dear Sir/Madam,
We regret to hear that you didn't have a pleasant dining experience at Levant.We value your feedback and am rather surprised that this went unnoticed by us.We take pride in serving good food and providing the best possible service to our customers.
In order for us to improve or rectify the problem we will be most appreciative if you could let us know the date you dined in our restaurant and the food you ordered and this will help us greatly to look into the matter.We have been open for almost a year now and we take pride in keeping a clean slate of feedback from our patrons.As such your comments are taken very seriously and we would like to invite you to our restaurant for a dinner for two for us to ensure you have a positive experience.
Best Regards,
Suresh Menon
Your Host
07 Jun 2014 • 18 reviews • 0 follower

Pocket-Friendly Way to Celebrate Birthdays

Treated my fiance for his birthday. The ambience was really nice and cozy, service was attentive and we love the food served!

For detailed review, please visit my blog @
Hummus With Meat
20 Apr 2014 • 327 reviews • 54 followers

Middle Eastern Carnivore's Delight

Full Levant review here:

Levant is a charming, initimate fine dining restaurant offering Middle Eastern and Turkish cuisine. Levant, which means 'The Sun Rises In The East', specialises in grilled meats, especially kebabs, and also have regular 'off-menu' items.

Ambience at Levant is style like a luxurious Middle Eastern home. The interior is framed by a red brick wall, and decor has Islamic and Middle Eastern flourishes. Scenes of Arabic life adorn the walls, with low lighting terrible for normal photography, and comfortable, modern furniture. The biggest draw at Levant is their Belly Dancer, who performs for 20 minutes, during which the surround sound in Levant is turned up to clubbing levels.

I find service at Levant to be attentive and friendly. As befits a fine dining establishment, staff attend to you quickly, are polite and welcoming, and knowledgable on the menu. I noticed that they'll try to make diners feel as welcome as possible, by conversing or be checking on your meal.

With a focus on Turkish and Middle Eastern cuisine, Levant offers a good selection of tasty grills. Besides tasty kebabs, Levant also serves pretty good stews and rice. Portions are large and filling, and prices are fine dining standards, high. Great for special occasions, not so good for regular daily dining.

The Hummus With Meat, a mashed chickpea paste with tahini sauce, sliced cucumber and minced lamb, is rather decent. Taste is rather muted, and the flavour doesn't really coat the mouth. Average.

Grill meat orders are served together on a large platter, along with a small side salad of lettuce, carrots, broccoli, and potatoes. A spicy Turkish dipping sauce, Halloumi, accompanies the dish. Halloumi is slight sweet, with an upfront spicy burn, and a refreshing finish.

The Shish Tawooq (Joojeh) is boneless chicken chunks marinated in saffron and Arabic spices, and was juicy, tender, and very tasty. The Halabi Kebab, minced lamb with onion, parsley and Arabic spices, was flavourful but slightly dry, and overly salty.
30 Oct 2013 • 2 reviews • 0 follower

Lamb shank bryani

Must try. Too bad they don't have a portion for one, but I think the portion is enough for even 3 or 4 people.
18 Oct 2013 • 1915 reviews • 258 followers

Middle East Explored

Looking for something more exotic, I chanced upon while doing a food search and made an online reservation for a recent dinner.

I started with the Mixed Appetizer Platter ($28), consisting of humus, parsley salad, baba ganoush (eggplant paste) and a light zesty tomato salad. I particularly enjoyed the parsley salad, which had a strong lemon and crunchy finish.

For my main course I tried the Khoresht Ghaimeh ($25). Think of this as a Iranian lentil stew with lamb chops that do not have a strong after taste. The bulk of the flavours come from the lentils.

I also tried the Shish Tawooq ($28). This was a well grilled stick of chicken meat - somewhat with a slight moist finish.

For dessert I ahd the Baagh-lava ($6.50), three pieces of rich middle eastern pastry as well as the Saffron Ice Cream ($6.50) to balance off the rich flavours of the meal.

Overall, I thought that the meal was quite good. Service was also impeccable with a very friendly yet not intrusive manager.

The place also provides free valet services as parking can  be quite a nightmare at Greenwood these days.
The management of Levant Exquisite Middle Eastern Cuisine responded to this review:
29 Oct 2013
Hello Hoongy!,

We are very pleased to hear that you had a an enjoyable experience dining at Levant. If you have any further feedback or enquiries feel free to contact us via our facebook at www.facebook.coml/levantsingapore. We are thankful for your review and look forward to hosting you at Levant again!

Management of Levant