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Daily: 18:30 - 22:30

$92 based on 31 submissions
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Feed your craving for refined Cantonese soups and head to Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant where selection of soupy dishes that you crave to have blended with a set of unique ambiance with it's artistry touches of paintings and poems in the interior.

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Scallop Dumplings
Scallop Dumplings
Scallop Siew Mai
Scallop Siew Mai
  • Dim Sum 5 votes
  • mango cream with pomelo and sago. 2 votes
  • BBQ Pork Bun 1 vote
  • Chicken Feet 1 vote
  • Congee 1 vote
  • Fried cod; beed fillet 1 vote
  • Mango Duck 1 vote
  • Pork Ribs 1 vote
  • Rice Rolls with BBQ Pork 1 vote
  • Roast crispy chicken 1 vote
  • Scallops Dumpling 1 vote
  • Scallops Siew Mai 1 vote
  • Steamed live prawns 1 vote
  • XO sauce with clam scallops and asparagus 1 vote
  • Yam Chips 1 vote
  • hairy crab 1 vote
  • noodle with shredded meat 1 vote
  • roast chicken 1 vote
  • scallops in XO sauce 1 vote

Latest Review for Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant

Overall RatingBased on 31 reviews
Most helpful review:

Classic Items done right and New Items to impress

Food/Drink 5 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 77

It is no doubt that I enjoy going to this restaurant on regular basis due to the quality good food and good service that meet my expectations. Some of service staffs are very meticulous and a number of them actually remember us!

Though quality and fresh ingredients are used, some of the dishes taste okay only since the texture is not fine enough to be memorable (example, the char Siu Sor, and the Chang Fun).

On the other hand, some of the foods, whether classic items or new creations, are really outstanding, full of flavours, and with the right balance of taste (for example, their soups and some of the special dim sums, like 5 colours dumpling). Oh yes, the cod fish here is simply divine, where the light soya sauce goes very well with the creamy flesh of the fresh fish. The ambience is classy, great for family gatherings.

So basically, this place is a true definition of fine Chinese dining, a good choice for an enjoyable meal!

If you're interested to see the photo of a bowl with the golden words "Li Bai" printed on the outside (the contents are mouth-watering soup with lots of ingredients), it can be found on my blog:

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One of Sg's best Cantonese restaurants

Food/Drink 5 | Value 4 | Ambience 5 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 658

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Li Bai is one of our go-to restaurants for quiet Sunday dinners. While lunchtime will find this veteran stalwart packed to the gills, dinnertime on Sundays is comparatively tranquil and private, with just a handful of extended families dining out instead of at home.
 The classically conservative Cantonese fare is exquisite and consistently flawless. Ditto for the personable service. Attentive without the intrusion, efficient without the stuffiness.
 We had:

1) Roasted Pork & Barbecued Meat Combination ($36) comprising roasted duck, barbecued pork, and roasted pork, with a side of marinated jellyfish: Everything on this plate was luscious, flavourful to the bone, and absolutely scrumptious.
 2) Hot & Sour Soup ($12): a velvety concoction abundant with fresh scallops, prawns, sea cucumber, fish maw, and mushrooms
 3) Wintermelon Thick Soup ($15): choc-a-bloc with sweet chunks of crabmeat, conpoy, silken beancurd, and egg drop.
 4) Baked Canadian Cod ($18 per portion): glazed with ophiopogon root and honey for a bitter-sweet contrast, and served with poached kailan and pinenuts for a little crunch.
 5) Chinese-Styled Pan-Fried Fillet Steak ($15 per portion): Imbued with a wonderful smoky char, and burnished with an oyster-based sauce, this was tender and juicy.
 6) Braised Spinach Beancurd ($20 per portion): silky and soft, drenched in an opulent conpoy-enoki gravy

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Delectable dimsum in elegant settings

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 631

Li Bai was a famous Tang Dynasty poet, and this grand Cantonese fine-dining restaurant draws its inspirations from the poet's classical, lyrical poems. Executive Chinese Chef Chung Yiu Ming creates exquisite, authentic Chinese Cantonese cuisine with skillful strokes. The restaurant is renowed for its impeccable service standards as well.

The interior is elegant and grand, tastefully decorated in rich tones with the use of jade, silver and bone china. The vibe is sophisticated and intimate; tables are well-spaced in the spacious restaurant and service is quick, efficient and polite.

The Scallops Dumplings (SGD$9.60) that were filled with springy scallops in crystal-clear wraps, delicious with a slight hint of spiciness. This was a simple but delicious dish, sweetened by freshness of the scallops.

The Scallop Siew Mai (SGD$8.00) was very tantalising - tender minced pork stuffing topped with buoyant scallops on top, adding texture and flavour to the conventional dimsum dish.

Finally, desserts of Mango and Pomelo Sago (SGD$7.00). This is one of my all-time favorites - thick, nectarous cold soup sapid of mango's aroma and filled with pomelo bits that exploded deliciously in the mouth, adding a zesty touch to the luscious dessert.

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