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$60 based on 16 reviews
With a friendly and welcoming ambience, Lime restaurant an open-kitchen-concept restaurant and bar provides a vibrant setting for you to enjoy a wide range of culinary delights, with a choice of the buffet or a la carte. See what foodies like this place for
Food Nomads • 02 Sep 2013168 reviews 11 followers

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 The new Parkroyal on Pickering is colossal. A foyer rises a few stories to a ceiling of wavy inverted terrace in cream, gray, slate and sepia, the upper side of which becomes a podium that elevates the hotel blocks with yet more slender pillars. Forest canopies and shrubbery overrun every possible corner of the facade and it could well fit the vision...

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  • Buffet9 votes
  • Dinner7 votes
  • After Work5 votes
  • Chillout4 votes
  • Lunch4 votes
  • Nice Deco4 votes
  • Girls Night Out3 votes
  • Large Groups/Gathering3 votes


  • key lime pie3 votes
  • dessert segment with it's matcha fonduedessert segment with it's matcha fondue
  • soggy crab meatsoggy crab meat
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What others are saying...

DreamLove Eat • 28 Jun 201449 reviews 1 followers

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Lime. Interesting name for a restaurant. It gives a sour and refreshing touch to the restaurant. It was a family gathering. Buffet is always great for gatherings. Everyone get to pick what they want and eat what amount they like. Of course, if you eat little, it seem like a waste but you get to try all different variety. So I always love to choose buffet for gatherings....

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jacqsowhat • 09 Jun 201430 reviews 1 followers

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Thanks to 'The Entertainer' app, we are entitled to a 1-for-1 dinner buffet at Lime Restaurant in PARKROYAL Hotel on Pickering. It is serving peranakan cuisine cooked by chef Nancy Teo who has many years of experience. The matcha fondue was the main highlight in the desserts segment, everyone just whoah at the sight of it. worthy bites are the crème brulee and freshly baked tarts in different flavours especially the key lime pie.

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dessert segment with it's matcha fondue
ArcticStar • 12 Apr 2014228 reviews 1 followers

I ate here for dinner and breakfast (buffet) so this is a consolidated review.
For dinner, we had the Warm Fried Jumbo Prawn (SGD$27.00) - another tantalizing delicacy that is crispy on the outside while it has a bounciness on the inside, the way that fresh prawns are supposed to be. The sweet taste of prawn flesh was accentuated by the fresh slivers of veggies tagged to its crispy crust.
Then the Tomato and Buffalo Mozarella (SGD$20.00) dish...

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