LingZhi Vegetarian Restaurant (Liat Towers) (灵芝)


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Good for your heart :)

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
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I was at Ling Zhi to celebrate my dad's birthday as he's a vegan. We had pre-ordered a day earlier their claypot rice. This is not in their regular menu and is only avaliable on weekends except for pre-orders. The rice was very fragrant. It was well mixed with woodear mushrooms, tao gua, carrots, corn, and just the right touch of light soy sauce. A medium order serves 4 people.

Have this with their speciality: braised spinach soup served in bamboo bowls. An interesting presentation that excites my salivary glands. It is a thick, green broth and tastes not too salty. Each bowl is not much, yet it comes at a pricey $7 per person. But the taste is worth it.

For dessert, I reccommend the lemongrass jelly with lime sherbet. The jelly had just the right texture, not too chewy and not too soft. And unlike most desserts, this one is not too sweet, for the health-concious.

Although one may think this restaurant is more for the older generation, there was a table with teenagers. Obviously, the menu appeals to both the young and the old.

The captain explained to my grandmother in Cantonese about the ingredients. She and her staff were very enthusiastic. They constantly filled up our cups with tea and the dishes were served punctually and we did not have to wait for a long time.

You can also take-away some dim sum. We tried the lor mai gai and char siew bao. My vegan dad found them both tasty.

Overall, the service was professional and the food was delicious yet healthy.

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You'd Never Guess.

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 4 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 9

Lingzhi Vegetarian Restaurant, a place known to many from the older generation.

Having never tried vegetarian foods before, I was rather apprehensive when my mother suggested this place established since 1991. But if a vegetarian restaurant's been around more than 20 years, you know you're doing something right.

The ambience of the outlet at Liat Towers was exceptionally quiet and def a place you'd never expect to find a restaurant or even realize it's there unless you knew of its existence. We were warmly greeted by staffs, and promptly seated thereafter.

We decided to settle for Rock and Roll Salad ($16), Sautéed Monkey Head Mushrooms with Dried Chilli ($20), Home-Made Beancurd ($7/each) and Steamed Eggplant ($16). The staff was extremely helpful in giving suggestions and many others around my table helped constantly refill the tea.

The Rock and Roll Salad ($16) was out of this WORLD! The concept in itself was interesting. The waitress would present the salad to you in a jar filled with greens, cashew nuts, raspberries, blueberries and japanese mushroom. After pouring their 'special sauce' in, she would shake the jar back and forth till all the ingredients were mixed. I don't hate salad, but I've gotta say this is one of the best combinations I've tried. Whoever knew raspberries could complement the taste of japanese mushrooms and cashew nuts? If you ever head to Lingzhi, do give this a chance!

Then came the Home-Made Beancurd ($7/each). When I sliced through it, it was green! Yes, green. At first I thought it was made from green tea but when I asked the waitress corrected me and said they were made from edamame beans. Laid atop 2 xiaobaicai's and drizzled with a special sauce, the dish was small but exceptionally good.

About 10 mins into the meal, the Sautéed Monkey Head Mushrooms w Dried Chilli ($20) arrived. In all stupidity, I asked my mom what the main component of the dish was - Which was obviously mushrooms. Battered and sautéed, at first glance the dish looked like your regular sweet & sour pork you can find at hawkers centers. However upon biting into it, the taste of fresh mushrooms would envelope your mouth, coupled with the spiciness and a bit of sweetnesses. This filled me up the most cos we didn't order any carbs sadly :(

The last dish was the Steamed Eggplant ($16). I've never had eggplant in my life and I probably never will again. This is going to be completely biased cos I don't fancy eggplant but I do have to say the dish was fresh and the eggplant soft. However I found it too tasteless for my liking even though accompanied with soya sauce and the eggplant too oily. The staff was kind enough to provide us more sauce and constantly asked us how the food was throughout the meal.

The service was exceptional. The staff was friendly and actually made the effort to change our plates and split our salad into 2 without hesitation.

Would I come back again? Most certainly. There's always a price to pay for good service & food, and this is a price worth paying.

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Delicious Vegetarian Food!

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 19

I am a not a vegetarian... And I don't really like those mock meat that I had in those vegetarian stall at coffee shop...

Lingzhi vegetarian food was GOOD! we didnt order much mock meat stuff.. because I don't really fancy mock meat..

1.Braised king Oyster mushrooms($18++) was very tasty! The best dish for tonight! Love it, esp the Oyster mushroom! I think I can have at least 3 bowl of rice with this, if I was at home la... I had 1 bowl of rice there la! Yummy Yummy! :-)

2.Fried Veg Cake.. Quite expensive $14! The skin was quite crispy! But I feel it taste too bland... I think it would be nicer, if they add some shredded carrot in it...

3. Ee-fu Noodles!$14++.. With veg, mushroom and carrot... The noodles were flavorful! Quite nice la! I don't really like the carrot... It would be good if they cooked it softer!

I will go back again for more food!

For more food reviews and photos, visit my facebook at [email protected]

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deceptively fulfilling grass

Food/Drink 5 | Value 5 | Ambience 5 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 253

With an open request for

vegetarian food, the boyfriend and I were dumbfounded. In my mind, i drew a

natural bridge from the acquired word ‘vegetarian’ to a grotesque image of mock

meat in thick lumpy sauces. I was quick

to push that thought away though. Since it was a dinner for his parents, we

went with our safest bet. Lingzhi vegetarian restaurant.

Located at rather strange and

secluded part of orchard, perched on the 5th floor of liat tower.

This joint was quiet and uncannily untouched by the torrents of activities

surging below it. It’s ambience as calm as its food sounds looked a little

Italian grotto in style and nothing you would expect from a traditional Chinese


Here we had 2 pumpkin rolls ($7

each), the stuffed eggplant ( $16), Beancurd skin rolls ($16), the monkey head

in kungpao style ($20), the BaiLing mushroom with truffle ($24). Of all the

dishes, the ones which casted the deepest impression upon my fading memory are

the stuffed eggplant and monkey head mushrooms. The former featuring braised

eggplants with a stuffing of paste inside that strangely resembled fish paste.

Despite my ignorance, I embraced this dish as the sauce that accompanied the

perfectly stewed eggplants was excellent. Savoury with an appealing touch of

heat at the tip of our tongues. The monkey head mushrooms were gorgeous as

well, this dish definitely did not disappoint as I delighted in our guests awed

expressions as they bit into a piece and acclaimed about it’s amazing likeness

to sweet and sour pork. Oh yes, you can deceive yourself with a gluten laden

version of vegetarian mock meat, but why do that if you have these DARN GOOD

monkey heads?

All in all, service was excellent;

with the rather aged assemble of wait staff being extremely attentive and

professional. The food speaks for itself, opening our eyes to the true essence

of vegetarian food at its best form. All that was good except for the upset

stomach I got the next day from the over dosage of mushrooms from the meal.

Bah.. All was worth it of course.

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Pricey but worth it

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 65

I have always been under a misguided impression that vegetarian food are generally cheaper since the ingredients used are mostly, well, vegetables and soy products. Been proven wrong twice recently. Once, when my mom complained about how expensive the vegetarian bee hoon is at Tiong Bahru Hawker Centre ($3 for a small portion) and when my colleague complained about paying extra for request of vegetarian meals to be served during her wedding dinner.

Visited Lingzhi Vegetarian Restaurant last weekend and was proven wrong the third time. We ordered 4 dishes and one dim sum, the meal came up to nearly $80 for 2. Still, I got to say the food was pretty good. In particular, the vegetarian fried rice was commendable. The inclusion of raisins and olives lifted the flavor of the fried rice, the sweetness and saltiness intermingled harmoniously. In short, I am just saying that the fried rice is a must order!

The fried lotus root roll was also another star dish. The humble lotus root was diced and wrapped up in rice paper. Coated with a layer of slivered almonds and then deep fried, this is eaten with a mayo dip. Nice.

Didn't try any dessert as we were quite full. Besides, the dessert menu wasn't very interesting looking. Will definitely come back again for the fried rice. Oh, the CNY menu looks pretty good too, a lighter alternative to all the holiday feasting!

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