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New Brunch place!

Food/Drink 5| Value 4| Ambience 4| Service 5
Total Review: 1

Obviously under new management since the last of these reviews was written...saw they are now open for brunch on weekends, and we're always looking for a new brunch place. Close to home is better, which this is. Had the best full English breakfast I've had in awhile, and a great Bloody Mary. Decent coffee (could have been bigger), and they even rustled up an order of French fries for the potato-head in the group.

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Bad service attitude

Food/Drink 3| Value 1| Ambience 2| Service 1
Total Reviews: 4

My group of 6 passed by this place on a late Friday evening around 1240am, which is around 1 hr away from their closing time. We wanted to just get a bottle of beer each before making our way home. The place was half empty despite being a Friday night but the waitress kept coming to ask us to place our order within 5 mins. Might be they need to do some closing work so even though it was quite annoying, we quickly decide on our orders. In the end, 2 of my friends decided to just share a bottle of beer while the rest have 1 bottle each. The waitress replied that it is their house rule to order 1 bottle each otherwise one of us have to leave the place. It sure didnt sound nice or appropriate. She proceeded with the order while my friend looked at the menu to decide what she wants to order since they cant share a bottle. The manager / owner came shortly after and without even understanding the situation, he told my friend that she has to leave within 5 mins if she does not want a drink. Such attitude is really appalling given that we do not even know about their house rule in the first place and did not cause any trouble despite the poor service attitude given by the waitress. We can understand if the place was full but it was half empty in fact. We might have been ignorant, but they could have told us about their rule in a nicer manner. Totally disgusted by the service attitude of liquid kitchen staff. Definitely not coming back again.

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Food/Drink 4| Value 2| Ambience 3| Service 1
Total Review: 1

Liquid Kitchen used to be a place my group loved to hang out since last year. The food and service are decent and there is football to watch. However, the service started to deteriorate. Strangely, while soccer is being screened, they chose to play music instead even when it was obvious all the patrons are watching the soccer match. It was still tolerable as we still find the food decent and after all, there is football screened.

However, we had our last straw last weekend. When we entered, the whole place was totally empty yet the service staff insist we sit at a table where we have a poor view of the television screen. The reason given is that it is the only table for 4 people and the rest of the tables are reserved for larger groups. We saw 2 tables for 2 people and asked if we can instead split ourselves and we were rejected. About 1 hour in, one of my friends was asked to give up his chair for a stool. The reason was that the chair was blocking the way. Now, the room was only half-filled and we were given a table that was supposedly for 4 people. How then is that they planned it such that one of the 4 chairs are blocking the way? Why didn't they give us a table in which we can properly seat 4 people?

We are not exactly ordering expensive alcohol but our total bill ran up to more than $80, It is not as if we are leeching the place.

Not allowing us to choose our seats in an empty place is strange. Allocating us a supposedly 4-person table but requesting 1 of the chair be changed to a stool is bewildering.

I can safely say we patronized Liquid Kitchen more than 30 times over the last year but after the treatment we received, I am so pissed that I am never going back there again.

Totally disgusted.

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A great place for chilling and chatting!

Food/Drink 3| Value 3| Ambience 3| Service 4
Total Reviews: 5

Service here was great, also.. In Singapore its abit tough to find places that serve Topshell and Liquid Kitchen does and might I add its a pretty delicious one as well! Their creamy pastas are great except it took kinda long on our last visit, other than that prices are pretty reasonable for both food and drinks.. All in all I'd come back for many more visits ;)

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