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Review for Llaollao (Marina Square)


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03 Jul 2014 • 4 Reviews • 0 Follower

im a froyo lover!!

i have so much love for frozen yogurt and yoguru is number 1 on my list. wait how do i pronouce this? ok nvm this is comparably good its kinda different . i had sanum ($5.90 per cup) you can choose 3 fruits , any cereal (eg muesli , dried cranberries , sunflower seed? etc) and a sauce/syrup (eg mango, berries, caramel, white choco, etc) . i love the yogurt's texture , its a little less thick compared to yoguru. Not thin, watery and melts easily like frolick which i hate most. they offer smoothies too. 

value wise pretty affordable? but i might stick to the traditional cups in future i think its easier to eat and more frozen yogurt to enjoy. not sure if they are generous with the amount they give but i dont see them weighing which is a good thing. The small size is gg for $4.90 if im not wrong. 

Service was ok, got what i wanted fast. But probably just a lack of smile. the staff can try to be friendier and more hospitable so as to attract more consumers? i think service is very important. Wanted to take some pictures of the store but the staff looked really annoyed. 

The store is really small with just 3 small round tables and no one was leaving even after they were done with their yogurt. its really a small shop. My friend and i walked the entire day thinking maybe we can seat down rest our legs and enjoy our yogurt but was dissapointed when we couldnt get a place to seat. 
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$6 for 1 pax
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