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American, Western
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Mon - Fri: 12:00 - 14:00

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Sun & PH: 11:30 - 15:00

$126 based on 10 submissions
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Long Bar Steak House offers grilled prime cuts of Australian and US beef, quality seafood and a tantalising selection of cold and hot appetisers, and an extensive selection of old and new world wines for the perfect food and wine pairing.

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Overall RatingBased on 10 reviews
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Steak for the distinguished

Food/Drink 3 | Value 2 | Ambience 4 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 71

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Definitely not cheap, but with superb ambience and the most attnentive floor staff in Singapore. If you are looking to be spoilt and treated like royalty, Long Bar steakhouse is the place to go. 

Try the tasting portion of steaks to get a nice variety of US, Australian as well as Wagyu- Ribeye cut if you like fats and flavour, FIlet mignon if you are looking for a leaner taste.


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Want to have good service, go there. Otherwise stay away.

Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 2 | Service 2
Total Review: 1

We live in Singapore, and are passionate foodies. We strolled around the Raffles Hotel area friday night, and spontaneously decided to have dinner at the Long Bar Steakhouse. Which was not a good decision as it turned out.

The staff was friendly and attentive, in a way which you expect from a place like the Steakhouse. We wanted to chose a table in the middle of the room, however, were denied that one, since it was allegedly occupied already. However, it stayed empty the whole evening. Not sure what happened here.

Then, the food. Since we were not that hungry, we decided to go for starters only. Which, again, was not a smart choice. For someone spoiled with Shrimp-cocktails like in the Mortons Steakhouse, with big and chunky shrimps around a spicy calypso sauce, the Long-Bar Shrimp salad was a huge disappointment. The shrimp tasted stale, were arranged like in a fast food establishment, and the sauce had a boring taste. The pumpkin-soup was okay, not much taste either.

Then, as negative highlight, the second course, crabcakes and avocado-tuna tartare. The crabcakes tasted as if they were stored and taken out of a bag of fish-sauce, added with a lot of salt. When I mentioned my discontent to the waitress, she acted professionally, however, explained to me that this is the way the cakes are supposed to taste (without knowing how mine tasted). She essentially left me alone in my misery, with the crab cakes almost untouched, a SGD 30 waste of money. The tuna tartare was boring, nothing special, again, not worth the money.

We have been living in Singapore for almost 2 years, eating out and changing places all the time. We love good food! However, this is the first time we are writing a review of what we experienced in the Lion City. Bad food, hugely overpriced for what it represents.

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Excellent food and thats about it.

Food/Drink 5 | Value 2 | Ambience 3 | Service 1
Total Reviews: 6

At the price its charging, I expect both excellent food and service. Unfortunately that wasnt the case.

Food: We started out night with the Singapore Sling. It has been a long nice since I last had it, it was refreshing as always. I had the foie gras for starters, the japanese wagyu steak (medium rare) and the tiramisu as dessert. I also tried the kurobuta pork (main), lobster caesar salad (starter) and duck confit (starter).

Foie gras: It is one of the better tasting foie gras I have tried. Its texture was milky and juicy without being too oily. I did not feel like I drank oil after consuming the starter.

Japanese wagyu steak: Had it cooked to medium rare. It was fantastic but at $150, it better be. I was not at all disppointed. The steak juicy and tender. It was cooked to perfection and actual medium rare. Its red on the inside when sliced and its centre warm. It didnt ooze any liquid either when sliced. The sauce served was too small a serving. It does not really bother me as I usually eat the steak as is. The other side I had was the macaroni with cheese, no biggy, one can probably do it at home as well. All in all, the steak was an absolute delight.

Kurobuta pork: It was tender with no 'pig' smell. It was listed as double thick on the menu but the serving did not seem big at all.

Lobster caesar salad: It was nice, the lobster pieces were not overcooked. The vege were juicy and crunchy.

Duck confit: I did not care for this dish. It had an outer layering of crust. It was either fried or baked. I usually like duck confit but not when done this way which I confess this is the first time I've seen it done this way.

Service: Absolutely horrible. Although it was a Friday night, the restaurant was not at all full. Hence we could not understand why it took so long for each request to be met. Yes I know with such meals one should take their time. However when I request for the menu, bill, I do expect it to be presented promptly. It made me wonder how would the service been like had the restaurant been full.

I think Longbar Steakhouse should invest more into training their staff. They didnt only have articulation problems but they were also not familiar with the menu. Longbar Steakhouse does not have an extensive menu, its very small since most are simply different cuts or types of steak. However the waitress had no idea what ingredients made up certain sauces (there were not many avaliable).

To make things worse, towards the end of the dinner when we requested for more water, she failed to inform us we still had still water left in the bottle before pouring drinking water for us.

I was not at all impressed with the level of service provided. Yes the food might be good but the service does not lift up to Raffles Hotel's apparently legendary service.

The original bill came up to $800 plus, but we did get a discount via the Feed @ Raffles card.

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