25 Dempsey Road, 249670
Asian, Chinese, Seafood
+65 63232222

Daily: 11:00 - 15:00

Daily: 17:00 - 01:30

$69 based on 45 submissions
Dinner (21 votes), Large Groups/Gathering (18 votes), Vibrant/Noisy (16 votes) ...

Serving seafood since 1946, this well-established Chinese restaurant has branched out from its original beachfront location at Bedok to a number of restaurants. The black pepper crab and chilli crab are evergreen favourites, and the restaurant even offers de-shelling services for its crab dishes.

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Latest Review for Long Beach Seafood Restaurant

Overall RatingBased on 44 reviews
Most helpful review:

Good food accompanied by good service

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 5

Sitting atop Dempsey Hill, Long Beach is famously-known for its delicious, lip-smacking, finger-licking-good chilli crabs. The chilli gravy goes really well with fried Man Tous or even rice. To fully enjoy crabs, be prepared to roll up your sleeves and leave the cutlery alone. And the good service comes without question, the attentive waiters/waitresses would visit our table ever-so-often, readily armed with clean plates and drinks (chinese tea, iced water, warm water) are refilled frequently. Crabs aside; Drunkened Prawns in Herbal Soup, Baby Kai Lan, Crispy Fried Duck, Fried Fish (Thai Style) are a MUST TRY!

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Food/Drink 5 | Value 3 | Ambience 5 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 15


First up: Drunken prawns in a herbal soup broth. The warm herbal broth was delicious, especially on a cold night. I strongly recommend this to any first-time diners to Long Beach!

Stir-fried beef: We ordered this mainly for the brother, who refuses to eat the chilli crab because it is "too spicy". He literally had the entire plate to himself, accompanied with a half-bowl of rice. But who goes to a seafood restaurant to eat beef? Besides, judging by the photos, there was not much beef, and it set us back a whopping $16! I would have much rather spent it on thirty-two man tous...

And finally, the star of the meal, featured on every table in the restaurant. I absolutely loved the chilli gravy and literally shovelled spoon-fulls of it into my mouth! It had a sweet and eggy texture to it and was only mildly spicy, not potent enough to send me into hysterics as I do when my tongue is numbed by spiciness. I am not kidding when I say that everyone has to try this.

Last but not least, the Ee fu noodles. It was all right, albeit a bit too oily. The noodles were delicious! They were unlike other ee fu noodles that I have tried before. The noodles were like a hybrid of the Chinese hor fun and the Thai rice noodles. I really love ee fu noodles and this is a good contender for one of the better ee fu noodles I've had. If only it was not so oily!

The total bill was about $130, but I guess an occasional treat is fine. :-) There is nothing wrong with Long Beach, but it may just be a little more expensive as compared to other restaurants offering crabs in the east side. However, Long Beach does serve up a pretty mean chilli crab and is the best rendition I've had so far. PLS GO TRY IT.

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Pricey for mediocre seafood

Food/Drink 3 | Value 2 | Ambience 3 | Service 2
Total Reviews: 4

with mother's day last month, father's day this weekend, and it being the school holidays, we have been hopping around the island trying various seafood restaurants and indulging in crabs.

super disappointed with long beach's seafood at dempsey. somehow i think the outlet at east coast is better. the chilli crabs we had didn't seem very fresh, and the sauce was all watery. black pepper crab was probably the star of the night for us.

have had better. it seems like its targeting more for tourists and those chi-chi crowd looking to entertain. service was inattentive to say the least. really hope they improve as it's the nearest seafood place to my place. food quality is always most important!

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