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$48 based on 31 submissions
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Serving seafood since 1946, this well-established Chinese restaurant has branched out from its original beachfront location at Bedok to a number of restaurants. The black pepper crab and chilli crab are evergreen favourites, and the restaurant even offers de-shelling services for its crab dishes.

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Long Beach - Everyone has a favorite seafood restaurant - I have two

Food/Drink 4| Value 4| Ambience 3| Service 4
Total Reviews: 6

I first went to Long Beach before it moved to its current location

jumbo on the East Coast next to the ocean or Long beach - indoors next to the Fusball pitches?
it is difficult to decide. 

The chilli crab is better at Jumbo, the yam scallops are yummy and the steamed fish are perfect. 

Yest the Black Pepper crab is better at Long Beach, the staff are friendlier and the welcome is less of a rugby scrum. 

Even my my wife and I disagree - so we go to both. 

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Price gouging trap plus worst meal ever

Food/Drink 1| Value 1| Ambience 2| Service 2
Total Reviews: 2

I went to Long Beach Main at East Coast Park today for a lunch with my in-laws who are visiting from Italy. Reviews were positive so we were quite sure we would enjoy it. As my in-laws control their cholesterol, we did not order chili crab, instead, we opted for steamed fish- one sea bass, two red snappers. We asked sauces to be put aside. What a disgust when we took a first bite. The fish is so TASTELESS. Of course people like it when all they taste is sauce. Try eating plain fish and you would be disgusted. It smelled bad, and there was no taste. It must have been kept in those water tanks for weeks.. I know how fresh sea fish should taste. If it is fresh and has a good quality, all you need to put is just a bit of salt, olive oil and lemon juice and it is a heaven in your mouth. Today I felt c*** in my mouth. And the bill? SGD 230 for two waters, veggies (sgd 14), two small bowls of rice, peanuts (sgd 2) and three crappy fish... Each snapper was sgd 70.
Waiter just replied that each fish was 700 grams. Seriously? It was so small and the weird thing was that our bill was printed right after we ordered, with our fish not being even fished out yet and put on weight scale...
What a SCAM! Seriously, AVOID IT!

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tourist trap! not fresh

Food/Drink 2| Value 1| Ambience 2| Service 1
Total Reviews: 17

Ordered the set. Prawns: crumbled easily. Not fresh. Steamed crab: too dry. No sauce. Stuck to shell. Black pepper: too salty. Stuck to shell Fish: grilled? NO SELF RESPECTING CHINESE REATAURANT GRILLS ITS FISH ON BANANA LEAVES. they should have steamed. Eefu noodles : dry. Oily. Won't be coming back to this branch.

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Sell crab like a joke to consumer!!!

Food/Drink 1| Value 1| Ambience 1| Service 1
Total Reviews: 12

Hi to all

invited for dinner to long beach earlier.
Service is so so, but can understand as its extremely difficult to employ service staff in Singapore due to our AMAZING 'foreign talent" policy.

crispy duck, yes its crispy till whole duck taste like 100 days air dried meat, so dry and tough!

fish soup, yes it taste good but cost $80, u decide.

sharkfins with scamble eggs,cost $60 for 6 diners. would said u better off buying 10 eggs that cost $2.50 and have it scamble at home. Seriously find no sharkfins in the dish, maybe its owners is in PRO sharkfins protection program.

here come the worst!!! for a restaurant that pride itself with seafood and crab.

The crab is pathetic!! had both chilli and salted eggs. its crab meat is not firm at all and its claw meat is like a super thin model wearing a XXXXL t shirt!
can u imagined that.

complain to the manager, his reply is this " this few months crab supply they received is of bad quality and they cant control the situation!!!

OMG. if u got no good crab to sell then dont sell. really taking its customers for a ride.
No wonder all the diners in the restaurant on a sat night has nothing but a unhappy, unsatisfy look and most look worse when its bill is presented.

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