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Lower East Side Taqueria is the first Mexican-inspired concept to hit the popular dining enclave along breezy East Coast Road. Taste the tempting menu of tacos, burritos, and hearty meats amidst a quirky and vibrant restaurant-bar setting.

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The sauces were tinier than it looks
The sauces were tinier than it looks
beautiful dishes
beautiful dishes
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bright flavours, rich food, beautiful space

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 244

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this is a good place to come to, with the bright colors, a well-stocked bar, chirpy service (if you get the nice caucasian lady), and flavors that are fresh and crisp.   it was pure happenstance that we came to this place: it looked cool, sounded new-yorkish cool, and that beautiful interior sure is welcoming.

mexican food is always hearty, what with its copious use of fat and meat and grains, and we were pretty darn full here with three dishes between two. the dishes are well-priced, food comes in crazy-hand-burning casserole dishes that are almost definitely larger than recommended serving size, service is mostly friendly (except for a dude behind the bar who took over when our lovely waitress was busy), and the place is beautifully done out.

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A rip off

Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 2 | Service 3
Total Review: 1

We came on a Sat evening for a quick dinner, and ordered a beef burrito, a full rack of ribs., and a couple of Mexican sodas.  The burrito was reasonably okay, with small beef cubes which were well seasoned and tender enough. There were too few of the cubes though, and the burrito was dominated by rice.

The ribs were another matter: priced at $33 for a full rack, all we got was a measly 8-inch slab, a bowl of tortilla chips and some sautéed sliced onions. Surprised by the portion, we had to ask the server if it was perhaps a half rack - he confirmed it was indeed a full rack. I would have loved to have seen how small a half rack would have been. The dish would have been more appropriately named chips with ribs, or "a rib off".  The taste wasn't much better either: the BBQ sauce was overly sour.

Unimpressed, we skipped dessert. Never again.

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Worst Tacos ever (Service and Poor Table Maintenance)

Food/Drink 2 | Value 2 | Ambience 3 | Service 1
Total Reviews: 7

Lifestyle listed this place as best 5 Tacos so it was my to do to try it. No one served us so we just picked a table and then was told we have to sit at the alfresco at one of the bar table. The bar table and the accompanying bar seats feels awkward for height unless you are super tall. Nonetheless, we continued but then. The table started wobbling badly. Informed the waitress and she disappeared. A guy in blue polo came over and took our order. After placing our order, I asked if he could have some paper and stacked it under the stand as it is wobbling since things might topple if we don't hold it down constantly. He said it is not that bad and went off. There was another guy complaining to him about the table and had to change table. We ordered the Corn Chips with 3 sauces. The accompanying sauces were too little. (photos attached). Had the tilapia taco and it was stuffed with rice garnish and a tiny piece of fish. Had chorizo taco and it was the same thing except the chorizo was chopped up and didn't have the kick. It is served as 3 for a choice so you can't have much variety except mouth of rice and garnish. So ordered quesaillas - the campesinos and I don't know what went wrong with the dish. Nothing Mexican about this joint at all. We left half our food and called for the bill. Got up and the disaster happened, the table wobbled till our bottles crashed to the floor and damaged my phone. Waiter wasn't even apologetic and said it isn't their fault. No discount, just denying. If you want to just chill with a drink, ya not bad place. If you are going there for food, I would say don't waste your money here.

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