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Mon - Sun : 07:30am – 09:30pm

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Located at Balestier Road, Loy Kee Chicken Rice serves Chinese Food.

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Shredded chicken noodle
Shredded chicken noodle
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Broasted Chicken
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Beef Stew
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One set of Steamed Chicken and Bak Choy
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  • Beef stew 2 votes
  • Chicken rice lah dur.... 1 vote
  • Lime juice 1 vote
  • Shredded Chicken Noodle 1 vote
  • Watercress soup with vegetables 1 vote
  • fried tofu 1 vote
  • watercress soup 1 vote

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Wholesome fine local's favorite

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 630

Having eaten Loy Kee Chicken Rice bought from various food court or hawker stalls since young, and rather liking the fragrant flavor, we decided to have dinner at one of their restaurant outlets. It is just a simply-furnished outlet with red tiled floors, glass doors and a long counter with chefs cooking in open concept, and marble-topped tables for the patrons. A very traditional style aka nostalgic style of dining a la the past coffee shops, except this one has air-conditioning.

I had the Shredded Chicken Noodle (鸡丝面) and I opted for You Ji aka oiled chicken (油鸡) because it was my favorite since young - crispy / springy noodles cooked in a light dark sauce. The chicken meat was tender and delicious. The set of pounded garlic-chilli, pounded ginger and dark sauce for dipping the chicken was fabulous, complementing the original flavor of the meat expertly.

The Beau had the Loy Kee Special Set - comprising of roasted chicken, vegetables, rice and a soup. The braised egg was an additional order by the way. The chicken was succulent and the rice was aromatic with garlic + chicken broth's flavor. It was a well-balanced meal with meat and veggies, and we enjoyed this simple meal rather much - save for the fact that we remember the chicken rice used to be more flavorful / sapid in the past.

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Tender juicy chicken and good looking chicks!Pleasure to ur tastebuds and eyes

Food/Drink 5 | Value 4 | Ambience 5 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 71

Quite shocked to see low rating here...wah i was tinking issit that my tastebuds got problem but i feel that it is definitely better than the other outlet in balestier in terms of chicken(juicier and more tender) but maybe rice lose a bit.

Lime juice is the best i ever drank and the tofu is so nice with some flowery fragrance..together with the mayo and sweet thai sauce really makes u want to eat more...kailan is ok and so so.

i like the concept of old sch all the condiments there and take as much as u is served fast but then the service crew is not that enthusiastic;most of them look tired and yawned in front of huge crowd of customers...

Although the decor is a bit average(nice abt that restaurant is it's not that cramped and aircon temp is just right...wads more there is no fowl smell hanging in the air unlike some places),but hey!is the people who brings up the ambience!

but it depends there are are too many foreigners patronizing that place,expect small kids to run ard make a lot of noises

but actually i overlook all these because the foreigners are so chio!especially those canadian born looking chinese,the japanese and of coz the barbie lookalike koreans! wah eating becomes so enjoyable there

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The Ultimate Chicken Rice

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 19

We decided to go for the friendly plate set. (Choice of chicken:Hainanese,Roasted,Soysauce; Vegetables; rice; and soup for 2). We agreed to choose the Hainanese steamed chicken as some people told me that it is better to go for the original and they are right. The chicken was pillowy and so satisfying in terms of flavour.

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