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Review for Lucha Loco


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Latin AmericanMexican
Address: 15 Duxton Hill
13 Jan 2014 • 1 Review • 0 Follower

Beware of bartender's dirty tricks

I signed up specifically to share my experience in Lucha Loco. We were bar hopping around tanjong pagar area last Sat, 11 Jan 2014. And this is the first bar we went to. We were there around 1030pm until 1130pm. We ordered only drinks, beer, mojito and michelada(corona) which is really good. We were seated at the bar that night since they were full. When we were halfway through our drinks, we saw the bartender discussing something to the waiter. I think they were discussing about the drinks in front of them. Then the bartender suddenly took out the straw from the drink and tasted it by sucking it. Much to our surprise, he puts the straw back in the drink and the waiter didn't mind at all and brought the drinks to the customer. It all happened in front of us and they didn’t mind. That time, I wanted to tell the managers (not sure if the 2 caucasian ladies at the door where the managers) or the cashier lady about it but they were quite busy that night. The bartender is quite slim, speaks malay and is wearing a cap. There are 2 CCTV cameras at the bar and one near the cashier where it all happened. The management can review this. But that's not all, after maybe 5mins, my friend went to the restroom and she saw the same bartender, standing near the kitchen where they put the foods to be delivered to the customer, and he was munching on them, I think he grabbed some food twice. I’m not sure if I’ll be coming back but if I do, I’ll definitely sit at the bar where you can see all the action.
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