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Review for Luke's Oyster Bar & Chophouse (Robinsons Orchard)


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14 Jul 2014 • 29 Reviews • 1 Follower

Loving the lunch menu, but service is questionable

I came here with my girls for a nice weekday lunch.

We were rather late and we were actually served the dinner menu instead. However, I requested for the lunch menu (it was 4.20pm), and the person who was serving us quickly turnned away and with a black face started to walk back with the menu.

After this incident, service to our table was sporadic. it seems like they favour the tables which spend more (this pissed me off a bit)

The burger was great, juicy and full of flavour!

The corn bread was buttery and so luxurious

the milk and cookies are to die for! so warm and the stout milk was amazing!

If not for the poor service i would come back alot more.
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$60 for 1 pax
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