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Madame Patisserie (Boat Quay)

Madame Patisserie is a high-tea restaurant serving exquisite pastries and beverages to go with. It is located at Boat Quay - in the heart of Singapore's CBD area - and surrounded by the scenic Singapore riverfront.

Mon - Thu: 08:00 - 23:00

Fri - Sat: 08:00 - 01:00

Sun: 08:00 - 20:00

+65 65367028
$28 based on 15 submissions
High Tea (4 votes), Alfresco/Outdoor Dining (3 votes), Brunch (3 votes)
Jessica Leong

Come for the ambience, not food

Average cafe food fare. Lovely interior decor though. Perfect location for night viewing next to Singapore River!

The HGW community like this place for...

  • Teriyaki salmon2 votes
  • Duck Confit1 vote
  • Fresh meat burger with Almond bun1 vote
  • Madame Burger1 vote
  • Pink Indulgence1 vote
  • Shepherd's Pie1 vote
  • Three tier High Tea Set1 vote
Community submitted Favourites:
Based on 15 votes
Hot chocolate
26 Dec 2014 • 4 reviews • 0 follower

Come for the ambience, not food

Average cafe food fare. Lovely interior decor though. Perfect location for night viewing next to Singapore River!
28 Nov 2014 • 377 reviews • 3 followers

High tea set well balanced

Nestled against the river bank along Singapore River lies a rather new patisserie spot, with its distinctive logo resembling that of Antoinette's. But besides the Queen's head against Tiffany blues backdrop, and serving delectable pastries, I believe that's where the similarities end.

Complete with casual, lounging type of furniture as well as a pretty lawn-type alfresco seating area (offering views of the famous river), Madame Patisserie's is famous for its three-tier high tea set, which was one of the reasons that drew me forth.

We shared the famous 3-tiered High Tea set (SGD$33.00) - comprising of an assortment of savoury items as well as desserts. The items were simple but delicious without being too overwhelming, the flavors succint in their miniature forms.

The top tier was the scones - fluffy and solid without being rock hard, in fact the perfect texture with powdery hints. They were not too sweet, so went well on their own or paired with one of the many jams served - raspberry, strawberry, pineapple, butter etc. Next, there were the Cheese Egg Mayo pastries - a very homely recipe done right - simple but tasty on soft pastry. Then the Smoked Salmon Baguette - lightly flavored by the pickle slice it came with. Smoked salmon rarely, if never, go wrong for me, as long as it is not un-fresh. Next to it was the Smoked Chicken Sandwich - another delicacy masked by the rich flavor of cream The Cucumber Sandwich next to it was also creamed with cheese, making it a delightfully sweet and crisply-fresh dish The Raspberry Cheesecake was soft and moist, with the rich flavor of raspberry bursting forth in the mouth once chewed. The Vanilla Dome was another soft and moist creation, complete with the richness of vanilla's overture We loved the Nutella Tart - crusty and vivid in its velvety chocolate's smoothness. Lastly, the Lemon and Blueberry Crumble - a soft reminiscant of a muffin with well-developed flavors of citrus and berries all in one

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14 May 2014 • 72 reviews • 2 followers


Cute little looking cafe with its faux grass patch in its alfresco area by the river.

  Lemon Meringue Tart ($4.50++)
The tart is surprising soft and easily slices off with a fork. It tastes slightly tart and not too sweet.

Shepherd’s Pie ($11.90++)
Minced Lamb in a savoury tomato based sauce with carrots, celery and onions. Topped with Mashed Potatoes. It comes with a choice of Waldorf, Potato or Green Salad. The main course also served with a drink.
I could barely taste the mashed potatoes which is overwhelmed by the melted cheese. The minced lamb mixture below it tastes quite watery. The waldorf salad that served with it is quite crunchy and light.

High Tea Set with a pot of tea ($32++)
The rooibos vanilla tea is served in a pot with a teabag and tastes quite thick and nice.
At the top tier, it is buttery scones (Plain & Raisin), accompanied by butter & a selection of homemade Jams (strawberry, blueberry, pineapple and chocolate raspberry). The scone is very soft and buttery, topped with the various jams ( especially the pineapple jam) it tastes even better.
At the second tier, it is filled with different sandwiches.
Egg Mayonnaise sandwich
Egg Mayonnaise in a soft brioche bun with scorched cheddar
Quite cute looking and tastes quite soft and buttery.
Smoked Chicken sandwich
Shredded smoked chicken with espelette pepper mayonnaise on focaccia
Tastes light and buttery.
Smoked Salmon sandwich
Smoked salmon with trio of pickled onions, gherkins & capers on multigrain bread
A simple and not too salty sandwich.
Cucumber sandwich
Thinly sliced cucumbers & cream cheese layered on white loaf 
It tastes quite crunchy and refreshing.
At the bottom tier, it is filled with assorted mini desserts.
Vanilla Dome 
Vanilla mousse with Lychee jelly
The jelly sits on a thin layer of sponge and is very soft and smooth but I could barely taste any hint of vanilla.
Nutella Tart 
Hazelnut-Chocolate ganache in a tart
Beware of the melted chocolate which is quite sticky to eat but tastes quite chocolaty.
Raspberry Cheesecake 
Smooth & delicate raspberry cheesecake
Feel that it tastes more like a mousse cake than a cheesecake.
Lemon & Blueberry Crumble 
Moist lemon cake with blueberries topped with crumble
Tastes quite light.

Overall the food is not bad, but quite on the high side. The place is quite nice looking, but a bit hot with the spot lights shining straight down at the table. The table is also a bit small that we have a bit of problem of fitting the dishes in. Maybe the staff should have timed the serving before or let us move to a bigger table.
11 May 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower


The ham served for All Day Breakfast is dry and rubbery. As a patisserie, can't believe their waffles can be that bad! It's dry, not fluffy and no taste. Worst of all, it has a hair inside the waffle! The Iced Coffee is the only thing that's okay. Overall, it's extremely overpriced for the quality of food being served.
Madame Patisserie
10 May 2014 • 287 reviews • 21 followers

The Story of Sweet & Savoury

For the complete review, click here:

The first thing that come to your mind when you mention Madam Patisserie is of course Pastry. Burger, Shepherd's Pie or Teriyaki Salmon will hardly come across your mind. This time around I receive an invitation from HungryGoWhere on behalf of Madam Patisserie to sample their new bistro menu.   The décor of this place has simple yet elegant look. The colour combination of baby blue, tangerine and white just astonishing. When you enter the shop, you will be bedazzled with the pastries selection such as pineapple upside down cake, lemon drizzle cake, Lemon Meringue Tart, sample of High Tea set and croissants.   For seating, you can choose for indoor and outdoor seating. My suggestion is go for the outdoor seating, under the tent. The scenery is just fantastic, as it is facing the Singapore river.   We started our sampling from Madame Burger ($14.90) and Teriyaki Salmon ($14.90). The patties of the burger is tender and juicy. The honey oats buns is light and tasty. The pink caramelised onion is just so inviting. Teriyaki Salmon is served with steamed rice. The salmon is perfectly cooked, the teriyaki sauce is quite thick but goes well with the rice and pickled cucumber.   For the Shepherd's Pie ($11.90), they use mince lamb for the meat base. The ingredients fillings are quite good, topped with mashed potatoes and mozzarella cheese. It was baked before serving to create the crispy topping. The taste can be slightly gamey due to the lamb. So if you can't take gamey taste, avoid this dish.   Their all day breakfast ($16.90) is not something that I would recommend. The dish is just too simple, just like your home cook breakfast. Grilled Ham is just a no no for me, as it is too saltish and kind of a waste though. The best part of this dish is actually the toast, which was soft in the inside with an light crispy exterior.   The desserts here are still the star. Pink Indulgence ($18) is my top choice. Trio of strawberry mille feuille, strawberry panna cotta & strawberry granita. The feuile is just thin and light. You can taste the intense flavour of the strawberry in the panna cotta, while the granita was just refreshing.   For other desserts review such as Coffee Soufflé ($19), the Churros ($16) or Warm Chocolate Cake ($18) check here.   Service on my second visit, just two words “IMPROVEMENT NEEDED”. We find the service staff's attitude is simply cold or should I say that they do not seem to be interested in serving us. Table was not set properly, even serviette was insufficient.   The verdict: I personally find that Madame Patisserie is performing below its standard. With a little more fine tuning in different area, it can definitely delivery a memorable dining experience. It is not everyday you find the a la-carte desserts are more expensive then normal a la carte menu. It does show, that desserts here are still the main attraction. Cheers!!