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Nice Hang Out By The Pier

Food/Drink 3 | Value 3 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 2157

Madame Patisserie, as its name suggests, is a casual hang out by the pier at Boat Quay.

With a desserts with all day breakfast and food to match, the place is ideal for that wondering tai tai looking for that long afternoon tea.

With some bites like burgers and salmon terriyaki as some of the food options, the thing to try though is the desserts - especially the strawberry ones. Expect lighter balance "Japanese" style desserts.

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Most helpful reviews for Madame Patisserie (Boat Quay)

A cozy dessert joint which is totally worth a visit at Boat Quay.

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 29

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relac one corner

Food/Drink 3 | Value 4 | Ambience 5 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 111

I passed by the shop 2 months back when I was trying to stroll along the river during lunch to search for new places and was surprised to see the small french-y style kinda cafe. the pink namecard and pastel coloured walls look welcoming to a girl. I didn't eat there because I already had lunch and too stuffed for desserts. today, I went again with e intention to try their desserts and coffee. After all, it will be nice to find a quiet relaxing place away from e hustle and bustle of the cbd area. the service staff is very attentive and prompt. I was served w my coffee amd tiramisu very quickly. I was left alone and when I'm finished, he brought a glass of water without me asking for it. when I paid, he also informed me that uob card members can enjoy 10% off their bill. all in all, it's a good experience. the tiramisu is fair because I like my tiramisu soaked in coffee but this version is firm and loaded w cheese. when I take it with e coffee, coffee's acidity becomes overbearing. on their own, both are ok. maybe I should try something else. on Tuesdays, they have 1 for 1 vanilla souffle for any payment with Visa.

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prettiest high tea set in a cafe

Food/Drink 3 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 219

for photos and the full review, visit (: 

we started with their signature high tea set with a pot of tea ($32).it was served in a way similar to hotel high tea sets (hop over to my blog for pics). it looks even prettier than the tiered trays! and there was such a lovely selection of items on it. starting from the top, there are scones - plain and raisin. they were in a rather unconventional shape, which made me skeptical initially, but my doubts soon vanished the moment i popped a piece into my mouth. wonderfully fluffy with a tinge of sweetness, they tasted lovely on their own. even better, they came with the widest assortment of jams that i've ever seen in any high-tea set! there was homemade marmalade and butter, strawberry, blueberry, pineapple and chocolate raspberry jams! i loved the different types of jams (:

the second tier was the savoury items - starting from the left, we had a smoked salmon atop a dark rye bread. i found the bread a little tough (would have been better if it was more toasted!) but i loved how the salmon had capers on it, which added a sour note to it that was very appetizing. next was the cucumber cream cheese sandwich which was a very refreshing item with the fresh cucumber and light nuances. the smoked chicken with chili pepper mayonnaise on a baguette was probably the most interesting out of the 4 savoury dishes, something different which i've never had before! and i loved the egg mayonnaise on a cheese corn bun. i liked how each of the items were served on a different kind of bun/pastry, which made each one unique and always exciting!   finally, we couldn't wait to dig into the third tier of goodies, which were the sweets! ^^ heh, when a bunch of girls gather, you can imagine the excitement brewing over those ;) we started with the lemon drizzle cake first, and boy, the sharp flavours hit us with a force, livening our taste buds the moment we popped a small piece into our mouths. it was very sweet, yet balanced out by an amazing tangy flavour that prevented it from being too cloying. the chocolate cheesecake was luxurious - richness power-packed in a small cake, and we all loved it, but agreed that it had to be shared, if not it'd definitely be too much for one. the next two on the list were lighter and more refreshing, and i appreciated how it helped to neutralize the other two heavier desserts. the raspberry eclair had a lovely sour flavour which helped to cleanse our palate. i wish the sponge fingers were fresher though! they seemed a little too airy. the grape fruit tart we had was simple, and delicious (: 

we had many other dishes as well. read my blog for a review on the rest!

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quality cakes

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 6

happened to walk pass this shop after having lunch nearby and wanting to get a dessert. was lured in by the cute and casual layout of this shop, and the cakes on display were tempting enough. got a lemon meringue tart... the proportion of lemon custard, tart and meringue was just nice. the tartness of the lemon cuts through the sweetness of the meringue, and the tart just cleans up everything. i dont usually like pastries cos i tend to find them 'heavy' but this lemon meringue was very light and refreshing.

the service crew were generally helpful and friendly.

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