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&Made Burger Bistro has relocated!

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&Made Burger Bistro has relocated.

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Address: #01-04/05/06, Pacific Plaza, 9 Scotts Road, 228210
17 Sep 2012 • 88 Reviews • 1 Follower

Good food and friendly service by cheerful staff


What wonders can 3-Michelin starred Chef Bruno Ménard conjure? A burger is after all just a burger, or maybe not. I tried two of them from its menu, and both were served with lightly-salted French fries as well as irresistibly tangy and yummy &made BBQ sauce reminiscent of baked beans. See full reviews and pictures at and

 DD was a well balance of taste – savoury with just the right amount of green pepper lime mayonnaise and a tinge of sourness from both the pickles and the mostly sweet green apple, and texture – soft fluffy burger reminiscent of a croissant with succulent duck leg confit and crunchiness of the red cabbage pickles. The 3 Little Pigs was just as finger-licking good with an aroma of bacon and chorizo in the juicy and tender (from the pork filet) patty. Its sweetness, the succulent shitake mushrooms and shredded Japanese cabbage were well-balanced with just the right amount of sourness from the yuzu-kosho mayonnaise and Shibazuke pickles. The heavenly aroma of the Lollipop Waffle made me want to tuck in immediately, and it was so good that I could not stop eating until it was gone. Sweet and slightly damp with a tinge of saltiness on the inside, crispy on the outside that some might find a tad bitter. But no worries as the icing sugar on top or the caramel, white and dark chocolate sauce served with the dessert should do the trick. While the food was delicious, could not say the same of its flat, bitter and acidic macchiato. Also difficult to achieve the desired sweetness as sugar cube and small cuppa are not the best of friends. The only let-down of the otherwise thumbs-up experience.

Must Tries
DD, 3 Little Pigs Burger, Lollipop waffle
Average Spend
$25 for 1 pax
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