#01-04, Jem, 50 Jurong Gateway Road, 608549
Desserts, Halal, International, Turkish
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Daily: 10:00 - 22:00

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MADO Cafe offers more than the finest ice cream imported from Turkey. They love how freshly-roasted coffee complements with their ice cream for a perfect tea-time treat and they want to bring that experience to you. They serve main courses as well, with a hint of the balmy Turkish flavor in their international cuisines.

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popiah, uneven browning. Rather bland
popiah, uneven browning. Rather bland
Chicken drumlets, too salty and way overcooked.
Chicken drumlets, too salty and way overcooked.
  • ice cream 2 votes
  • Black Angus Beef 1 vote
  • black pepper dory 1 vote

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Can I rate it a minus star? Go next door or anywhere else, just not here!

Food/Drink N/A | Value N/A | Ambience 1 | Service N/A
Total Review: 1

The sign Promoting its set dinner attracted us. We went in & were shown a table. There were 3 of us but an unsmiling waiter put 2 menus on the table and walked off. I asked the pleasant looking girl manning the counter if we could have the set dinner menu, she shook her head and replied, "No," and looked away. I had to ask why before she reluctantly replied, "the dishes change everyday," no smile. We ordered the food,  I  wanted baked dory set dinner (main dish + soup of the day), the waiter asked, "what dory?" And went to the front to check the sign. When I asked what was the soup of the day, he paused and thought hard before answering "potato soup" ,we ordered ham & egg carbonara & chicken parmigiana too. 
after about 20 mins, the food came, with intervals of around 10 mins each. All served by the same unsmiling waiter who resolutely avoided all eye contact. He did not ask who is having what, he merely left the food at the table and walked off. We didn't even have time to say "thank you"!
Food quality: baked dory - tasteless fish swimming in oil. grilled veg that were served together
                                       were undercooked & saturated in oil. 
                    Soup - a powdery liquid with some corn kernels & RANCID pine nuts (Name was 
                               potato soup)
                    Carbonara - pasta were dry and the chicken pieces had a strong stale chicky
                                      Smell. The egg which were supposed to be poached was cooked till
                                      a grey ring covered the hardened yolk. The best is what was to be
                                      the creamy sauce coating the pasta was a pool of oily yellowish
                                      water appearing at the bottom of the plate. 
                    Chicken - dry and served with a pathetic blob of melted cheese on top. 
We ended the meal, did not finish (of course!) and went to settle the bill. we told the lady collecting the payment about the food quality and the bad serving attitude of the staff, guess what she say???  
"I will kill the chef!" She SMILED!!

   Carbonara - swimming in a watery sauce with chicken pieces that had a strong stale chicky

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Bad food and Bad Service

Food/Drink 1 | Value N/A | Ambience N/A | Service 1
Total Review: 1

I have always been ordering their ice cream as take-out. Today decided to dine-in, order their Pizza and it's worst then the frozen ones from the supermarket. Waffle was under cooked, cold and had black pot's peel-off stuck to the bottom of the waffle. Inform the server about it, and with her do not care less attitude say her manager say will change one for me, not a word of apologise. The ice cream flavor was also served wrongly. I went straight to her manager and let her know the flavor was wrong, and she simply said she was not the one who scoop the ice cream. OMG! I had enough, told her i do not want the new waffle and told her it's upsetting that they didn't even apologise on the previous waffle. She just mutter a sorry unsincerely and nothing else! I seriously feel sorry for the owner

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decent grilled black pepper dory

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 4 | Service 3
Total Review: 1

Went back a second time, as I enjoyed the grilled black pepper dory they served the first time I tried it. This time round the dory looked different, as it had a layer of fried skin. Was initially skeptical, but to my surprise the skin was pleasantly crispy and once again, the fish was soft and fresh. Would recommend this dish, although I think the drinks could be improved with the use of fresh fruits rather than fruit puree.

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