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Nice and affordable!

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A lot of ingredients from there to choose from and the food are really nice and price is affordable! Went with my younger brother both of us ate the mala hotpot and it only cost 10plus for both of us! Highly recommended!

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Addictive spicy hot pot

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From only one stall that I have been patroning. Very fast expanding, now they have 3 stalls spread out within the same hawker.  Not only China customer, our local Singaporeans and Malaysian are their supporters.  When I brought friends to come and eat, they liked it very much.

Some friends even known this place, and so coincidentally that we were talking about the same place that we should go for dinner.

The only cons are the place is already hot and stuff, so after the spicy hot pot, you imagine, how much sweat we will end up with.  Next it's the chilli flakes that I have been painfully to dig out.  If not, these chilli flakes will stick to my throat.  Very uncomfortable for me.

Overall, it's a nice and addictive hot pot.  For one, they don't charge the minimum cost for the pot coverage.  Just pick the variety from the display, if I am not wrong, veggies cost about 1buck for each serving, and 2 bucks for meat each serving. White rice another cost.  

Dfferent grade of chilli you want them to stir fry with.  With no chilli, little, medium & extra chilli.  I have tried all the grades.  No chilli, basically no kick out of eating this.  So unless I was sick, otherwise, go for medium or extra chilli.  Be careful, the extra chilli can be extremely hot, because they will put many pepper balls other than chilli flakes.

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I eat here every week

Food/Drink 5 | Value 5 | Ambience 5 | Service 5
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best mala hot pot in Singapore.  Good price.  Good quality ingredients.  Spicy as can be.  I love it and i love bringing white people here who have never tried it.  A big pot of this with a sugar cane juice and i am in heaven.

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