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Asian, Beijing, Cantonese, Chinese, Dim Sum, Fusion
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Mon - Fri: 12:00 - 14:30

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Perched on top level 35 of the Orchard Wing and offering sweeping views of the city skyline, Mandarin Court Chinese Restaurant provides a whole new dining experience with its rejuvenated surrounds and authentic Cantonese cuisine.

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Dim Sum Buffet for Special Ocassions

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 295

On the 35th storey of the Mandarin Orchard is the elegant Mandarin Court , this restaurant has a stunning view and supposedly boasts great feng shui. Suitable for extended family gatherings and lunch with the ladies, chef Sunny Leong pairs time-tested cooking methods with the freshest ingredients. The result is a huge spread of 80 types of dim sum. We like the fish maw dumplings with century egg and XO sauce; and the braised goose web with shitake mushrooms. The fluffy, steamed pork buns do live up to their reputation, and the siew mai with mushrooms don’t disappoint either. We like the desserts, with the lemon jelly and aloe vera in calamansi lime juice complementing the main dishes perfectly. 

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Zaobao Maybank Chinese Classics Series Lunch @ Mandarin Grand Ballroom on 27Jul2013

Food/Drink 5 | Value 5 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 388

See my full reviews & photos at =

this was not a meal at Mandarin Court, but the food was catered by Mandarin Court & executive chef Sunny Kong..

a group of my friends had been going for the Zaobao Maybank chinese classics series lunch. the series combine Singaporean’s favourite activity (eating!) with games & quizzes to raise profile, interest & understanding of chinese culture. the current series is based on the 4 chinese classics 红楼梦,三国演义,水浒传 & 西游记 (dreams of the red chamber, romance of the 3 kingdoms, water margin & journey to the west). for this Zaobao lunch on 27.7.2013, the theme was romance of the 3 kingdoms (魏- 曹操、蜀 - 刘备、东吴- 孙权). : this the first time i was joining the lunch series. the 6-course lunch (i understand that previously there were even more courses) was priced at S$96nett (S$48nett for Maybank cardholders). we had 2 tables of 8pax, and very nicely 2 of our friends brought their 86 & 87 years old mums to savour the lunch & outing, & they had been doing this everytime….toast to my wonderful friends! each item of the menu was named after some major events (stories) from the 3 kingdoms. we had a trio of appetizers – crabmeat salad with what felt like goma (sesame) sauce, a crispy prawn fritters with thousand island dressing & a jellyfish with thai sweet & sour sauce. i must say the food was really quite outstanding & much better than expected for this kind of large group lunches (which sometimes could be quite bad even when prepared by famous kitchens) so all credit goes to Mandarin Court (previously Pine) and executive chef Sunny Kong. next was a minced chicken ball with 黄酒chinese yellow wine soup – & a very tasty one-excellent soup! & here the story was 曹操煮酒论义雄. :-) soup was followed with steamed Canadian sea perch (top photo), similar in taste & texture as Chilean seabass – both my absolute favourite. another superb dish! in between the various quizzes, games & prizes, our 2 tables participated in a art & craft game. above was 1 of the 2 better valiant attempts at retelling the story of 孔明’s 草船借箭! haha. next item was a baked pork rib. this was very good as well. & we had a lovely wok-fried brown rice with chinese sausage – very fragrant, tasty dish. :-) the last, a dessert item, was very good as well. nice refreshing aloe vera in fruit cocktail & jasmine tea. i enjoyed this lunch very much, of course the great company of friends especially. :-) i generally do not go out of my way to have quizzes & games distracting me from the food & conversation, but i didn’t mind it really. i knew some of the stories of 3 kingdoms (from watching TV serials) & though several friends commented the loudspeaker was too loud, i was overall quite ok with the way the lunch was managed by the organisers. :-) will be looking forward to more zaobao lunches

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Food is so so.. and DO NOT order anything 'NOT ON MENU'

Total Review: 1

We just had our dinner there this early evening. The food is just so so.. no wonder only 20% of the tables near windows were filled with guests even it is weekend.

The service is ok, but NEVER trust any recommendation..

Since it was our first time dining here, I and my gf were browsing the menu for quite a few seconds. While the antie heartily recommended a dish, some seafood with vege. I asked what it is, the antie said it is NOT IN MENU. Then we trusted, and said ok, we can order it...

after everything done, we were shocked when got the bill, other dishes like fish, squid just around $18-25 per dish. but the recommended one ... $68..

I asked the waitress, is it$68? She just replied coldly, 'yes'. no other words. I had no more question, paid, and left.

Well. no matter what the value of that is. You recommend sth, you should be a bit more honest. When guest asked abt detail,you just said it is NOT ON MENU. But when the bill came out, the price is triple of most of the other common dishes. No explaination given. I have to say, it is not a long-lasting promotion strategy.. since it's a bit DECEIVING.

Not mention that it was really a simple dish in ordinary size - mushroom plus vege and a little bit escallops. If you make it $30-$40, it's ok, but $68, and 'NOT on menu' is really kinda deceiving!

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