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Address: 101 Telok Ayer Street, 068574
26 Mar 2009 • 11 Reviews • 2 Followers

i went there for dinner

Well, most other reviews here were given over lunch, a meal which is sandwiched between morning work, and afternoon work. Coupled with mid-day sun and ridiculous lunch crowd everywhere, it might not be the most conducive situation to enjoy your meal.

As per the title, I was there for my dinner on a weekend, where work is far behind me (or maybe staring at me in a couple of days), just passing a lazy evening in the area.

When we stepped inside the restaurant, we were greeted by a Korean, very motherly-looking, like what you would expect on Channel U or whatever-you-have-on-TV-nowadays.

The restaurant is 'expectedly' empty, since it was a weekend at CBD but our table was not going to remain empty. Shortly making our orders, our condiments were served.

My order of Bi-Bim-bab came soon after, piping hot and begging for me to stir/mix the hot stone bowl. I swear that's one of the nicest i've had in a while. And the portion is rather generous, of course the price is rather generous as well. $16.

Our next order, Kimchi Chi-gae, was promptly served. Finally, the Kimchi soup has a little more authentic taste and very fulfilling to our taste buds. Unlike what you get in food courts where its either too salty, sour or just not thick enough. $15.

Final order, a plate of BBQ marinated Pork Ribs ($22). In short, damn shiok!

It's seriously well marinated and BBQ-ed just nice. Tender to bite. You have to try it to know what I mean.

The good thing about these Korean food joints is that the condiments are refillable, but i guess towards the end of the meal, we could hardly stuff ourselves anymore. The waitress continued to serve (free) food that we were hardly aware of when we made our order, eventually filling up the whole table.

For example, a jug of ice-tea, complimentary steamed egg, watermelon, ginger honey tea...

But i don't foresee myself going back there soon. Returning to CBD during a weekend is a big turnoff!
Must Tries
BBQ marinated Pork Ribs, Bi-Bim-Bab
Recommended for
Lunch, Dinner, After Work, Quiet
Average Spend
$53 for 2 pax
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