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Margarita's (Dempsey)

Latin AmericanMexican
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Margarita's serves authentic Mexican cuisine and is regularly patronised by Singapore's Mexican community.

Mon: 18:00 - 23:00

Tue - Sun: 12:00 - 15:00

Tue - Sun: 18:00 - 23:00

$45 based on 83 submissions
Dinner (27 votes), Vibrant/Noisy (19 votes), After Work (18 votes)
Amol Lara

Service could be better

we'd gone with a group of 10. Liked the ambience and the food was good. however the service was somewhat impersonal... not terrible but they certainly weren't out to please. had to remind them several times for certain items we'd ordered.

The HGW community like this place for...

  • Fajitas6 votes
  • Nachos3 votes
  • carne asada3 votes
  • pork carnitas3 votes
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Based on 83 votes
20 Aug 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

Service could be better

we'd gone with a group of 10. Liked the ambience and the food was good. however the service was somewhat impersonal... not terrible but they certainly weren't out to please. had to remind them several times for certain items we'd ordered.
29 May 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower


I brought 30 people from work to come celebrate for a employee. The service was horrible, nobody received the correct dish or drink. The manager was unhelpful and rude to all of us.  We all decided to pay our bill as soon as possible and leave.  MY ADVICE IS TO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY at this place.  
29 May 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

Party pooper

No reservations, plenty of space but still took 10 minutes of arguing before seated (16 people). Were having a wonderful time celebrating and the guest of honor got a bottle of tequila, asked what the corckage fee was but 45 mins later still no response. As soon as someone took one shot they ran over to charge us 80 dollars! For a 20$ bottle... Ruined our party and chatted to manager but she was even more rude! By this time our spirits and happy party mood was ruined. We will never go back here again! Plus drinks were watery and super expensive (food was good though). 
18 May 2014 • 21 reviews • 14 followers

They added back - by request! - my Enchiladas Suizas

I loved their Encheladas Suizas - full of cheese. Even after they took it off the menu, they'd still make it for me - like I was a long-lost friend - at the old Faber Road location. When they closed Faber Road - sniff sniff! - we went back to Dempsey. A few months back, they said they'd be willing to make it for me, but I need to call ahead.

So yesterday, I did. I talked to Jack - who deserves a raise. Instead of making it for me, they put it on the menu. Wow! They put it on the menu. For me. (And for everyone else.) That's a real deal.

So now, I'm happy again. They have always made great Quesadillas (not spicy, for the kids). The three-year-old loves the Mexican Rice wrapped in Torillas (we wrap them ourselves, but we order the raw materials as a side). My wife of 15 years (!) likes their crispy salad and the tortilla soup.

The adults - all adults - like their Magaritas, with their muy generous protion of tequilla. 

But for me, give me Enchilladas Suizas. Ask for them spicy. If you love cheese, you will love it. 

Oh, and the service was great today. From Jack to all the servers (still, they try to grab your plates before your last bite - but that seems to happen everywhere), everyone was attentive and helpful. And the ambiance is nice. Cool!
16 May 2014 • 224 reviews • 1 follower

Good Mexican Food on 14Apr2014

See my full reviews & photos at =

had a 4pax family dinner at magarita’s @ dempsey on 14.4.2014. 
i was never quite into mexican food, but i guessed this was as good a time to start…haha.
the reviews in hungrygowhere wasn’t too great, the few in 2014 commented it was expensive. tripadvisor had more good reviews.
i still learning to tell burritos, fajitas (pronounced fa-hee-tas), enchiladas & what not.
my initial impression hearing about the place was more drinking than food. but as it turned out, food was quite good really. we ordered a nachos, crab enchiladas (their specialty), a mixed chicken & prawns fajitas and a i think roast pork taco, and a 3-milk cake. 
nachos picture was too dark. we use hp (torch app) to shine on the food, so photos turned out better. all these phone apps are really useful. 
the nachos (a tortilla chip usually served as snack) with melted cheese, refried beans, jalapeno pepper etc was very good i thought. the word refried black beans intrigued me, so i googled. according to wikipedia, apparently the word is a mistranslation=in mexican spanish, re is an informal emphasis for very or well, so refried means very fried or well fried & refers to cooked and mashed beans. learn something everyday! 
the roast pork taco (top photo) was good too. the meat was more like braised than roast, and the texture was a pulled pork. braised & pulled textures not my favourite. the seasoning & taste was good. the corn tortillas were served separately (5 pieces) in a cloth warmer.
& so was the prawns & chicken fajitas. the prawns were really nice & bouncy & the chicken was tasty & tender. the wheat tortillas were served separately (5 pieces) in a cloth warmer.
all the food were really much above my expectations, though i did not actually expect much to start with…haha..but for its fun to know new food. 
the crab enchiladas was the restaurant’s specialty & was very good. crab meat & sauce were tasty & overall a very good dish.
we ordered the tres leches (3-milk) cake, with the exuberant encouragement/ suggestion by i think the proprietor. he said everyone though it was good, especially that it was not too sweet. cake was ok, quite good. i learned afterwards that you could buy a carton of tres leches mix (say) from belmontemex, let it soaked through a cake for at least 24hrs to make a supposedly luscious 3-milk cake. cake was more dense than a normal cake as a result but still fluffy not dense like a cheesecake.
i quite ok with it but not my favourite c/w (say) chocolate lava cake, cheese cake, some chocolate cakes & especially the passion fruit meringue from the patissier. 
service was good & friendly. bill was S$234nett, or about S$154nett less the drinks. we had an enjoyable evening & i got to quite like the food. 
will be back. but maybe will try out cafe iguana or others first.