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Inspired by the colonial heritage of Gillman Barracks, Masons provides a stylish and elegant dining experience. Masons offers high quality yet affordable European cuisine with a strong French influence and a Singaporean touch.

Tue - Sun: 12:00 - 23:00

Closed: Mon

$68 based on 20 submissions
Alfresco/Outdoor Dining (7 votes), Business Dining (5 votes), After Work (4 votes)
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Great ambience and value for money!

Their lunch set is very value for money, with excellent food quality.

Atmosphere of the place is great. 

 Will definitely be back again!

The HGW community like this place for...

  • Pork Cheeks (Special)3 votes
  • Parma Ham Pizza2 votes
  • Baked brie1 vote
  • Chicken salad1 vote
  • Crepe suzette1 vote
  • Duck Confit with Apple Roesti1 vote
  • Fish & Chips1 vote
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Based on 14 reviews

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18 Feb 2015 • 1 review • 0 follower

Can't comment on the food because they forgot the order!!!!

My visit to Masons started out promising - very pleasant surroundings not crowded at all and looked like a perfect place for a Sunday brunch gathering with friends.  I should have taken the lack of a full house as a sign trouble was ahead. By far this was one of the worst dining experiences I’ve had in Singapore.  I would like to say it was because of the poor quality of the food, but I can’t even honestly do that as my order never arrived.  I’ll leave the review of the food quality to those in my group who were able to receive their meal orders in a reasonable time. The service was horrendous - first off the orders arrived piecemeal.  Out of 5 child sets, 2 arrived together whilst the other 2 arrived 15 minutes apart after that, which might be reasonable if they were different types of food - but they were all the same pasta sets - ?????? and the 5th set was forgotten - we had to remind them 3x that one child was without their lunch. I waited patiently for my order while the rest of my group received theirs, thinking it would eventually arrive after reminding them 3x (as with the child set).  I just had it when they said sorry another 10 minutes when the rest of my group had already had enough time to work through their lunches.  So much for a nice Sunday brunch. They say never say never, but I will never visit this restaurant again given its poor service - not worth the effort.
08 Feb 2015 • 1 review • 0 follower

Location good, Food no good, Service no good, Terrible Explanation

I like this location, its nice and quiet. I thought hmmmm Masons could become a hang out, wah they have free pizza samplers with their Happy Hours.
 Ok the place looks nice, the one waiter at 12.30pm was attentive enough. First snag came when I asked to substitute potato wedges for the french fries in the Snack Platter (whopping $48 for 3 fried chicken wings, 4 fried fish cakes, 4 pieces of fried calamari and fries). "The chef say cannot substitute." Oh I see. But when the platter came, there was a mixture of french fries and wedges. Why leh? Chef changed mind? One chef say can the other say cannot?
 Ok never mind, orders made. Everyone gets their main courses except me. So I ask and was told "Sorry, you have to wait 5-10 minutes."
 Time goes by, my family is finishing their food. The beef burger does not taste like beef, and luckily there is such a sizable patty. The chilli crab pasta tastes sweet, hmmmm maybe call it sweet crab pasta. Mother proclaims "The fish and chips at Swensen's taste better!"
 Still I wait. Table next to us, "Excuse me you have forgotten our salad. Please cancel the order." Lo and behold someone brings a salad to our table and when told we didn't order it looks at us quizzically like its our fault. So off she goes. I'm still waiting.
 Woo, I see the waitress carrying a plate of fish and chips. Hey wait, she is going to the next table. Then minutes later she comes to me, "Sorry there is a conflict in the kitchen. You have to wait for your fish and chips." "What does conflict in the kitchen even mean? The ketchup and crab sauce are revolting? The beef wants to be more beefy and needs more time in the gym?"
 Not a good excuse for missing my order. "How come that table got the fish and chips first? Shouldn't you serve me first?" Anyway the other table also had something missing from their orders. Hmmmm seems to be the order of the day.
 There was one table behind me that I was very jealous of though. When they were seated, they were offered bread rolls with butter. How come no one offered us any? We even ordered 2 alcoholic drinks! They didn't seem to have any problem with their orders. They were very friendly with one of the waitresses so perhaps they only want to do business with people they know? Great business plan! I wish them well cause this is one LOST customer, with 12 others who eat Sunday lunch well, every Sunday.
 Service does not mean just apologising. Be pro-active and try to turn the situation around. I don't need a discount or free meal but offer me something in lieu. Some of those hard to get bread rolls and butter perhaps! If it was my child's meal I would be screaming at you so luckily it was just my fish and chips.
 Pizza was strange, could hardly taste the sauce. We ordered the Trapani, which is supposed to be lighter and healthier. I'll say it is with so little toppings!
 Spaghetti bolognese was forgettable, supposed to be homemade... yup! Should have stayed home and made it ourselves! 
Sorry this place cmi!
08 Feb 2015 • 1 review • 0 follower

super slow service, missed orders

kids were famished waiting for food to come, and when food came, there were missed orders! it was not crowded so the standard of service was inexcusable