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Matsuo Sushi Restaurant


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This small Japanese restaurant offers many sushi, sashimi bento and other options.

Daily: 11:30 - 14:30

Daily: 18:00 - 22:00

+65 63562603
$49 based on 44 submissions
Lunch (22 votes), Dinner (16 votes), After Work (11 votes)
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A+ Japanese Food

I had lunch here today. It was my first time and was quite nervous to enter because I read in HGW's reviews that the service is super bad. However, it was acceptable to me, probably because I eat fast.

I ordered the Thursday set meal:

Potato Salad - A+, normally I don't like potato salad in other Japanese joints. This one actually tasted great! The chef neutralizes the smell of the potato, making it enjoyable for me.

Beef Teriyaki - A-, not fantastic but compared to other beef teriyakis I have eaten, this is nice to eat. The Teriyaki sauce was not too sweet. I was impressed.

Salmon Sashimi - B+, no big deal for me but overall pleasant to eat. The fish does not smell so it is a good sign.

Miso Soup - A, I believe this was homemade.

The chef also gave us a free slice of unagi, about two bites worth. I am not sure if this came with my set or my brother's Chirashi Don but it was a pleasant surprise. We were not treated too shabbily. The waitresses do have the tendency to take away the plates as soon as we are done with the dish but it didn't disturb me. The set meal is really worth the money too. I will definitely return to try their other dishes.

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  • Sashimi3 votes
  • Otoro sashimi2 votes
  • Beef!1 vote
  • Chirashi1 vote
  • Flattened Anchovies1 vote
  • Uni1 vote
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29 Oct 2013 • 296 reviews • 15 followers

Neighbourhood omakase

Yes, Matsuo’s service can be shifty. But if you’ve had the omakase (chef’s selection) set ($80++ to $130++ per person) – and this is what you should stick to – and witnessed the camaraderie between the chefs and the regular Japanese clientele, you would be willing to overlook it. Not that they’re not happy to welcome new customers – even if you’re not sitting at the bar, Matsuo’s chefs (including chef Matsuo himself) will keep a corner of their eye on you as you slurp up the fresh half-shell oyster-with-daikon-and-soy-sauce starter, take in the fat slices of sashimi, inhale the tender stewed beef slices, and struggle to finish up the last sushi pieces with thick, buttery slices of fish. For more kaiseki and omakase restaurant reviews, read here*aid-c2783f00/
02 May 2013 • 5 reviews • 0 follower


I used to eat here a few times over the years but had not been for the past year. We were a group of 6, celebrating Secretary's Week for our 2 administrators. I arrived the earliest, at 1115 am. I peeked into the door to ask them what time they were opening. This waitress gruffly said, "1130..come back later!" That should have given me an omen of things to come and we should have changed the venue for our lunch! I peeked in again a few minutes later to ask whether they had a table for 6 available. Rude waitress said, "YES...we are not open yet, come back 1130!" My God. It's as if you OWE them for eating here.

My friends were near so I decided to go in and get the table for 6. Rude waitress kept asking me, "Where are you friends? Walking? From where?" It's as if they didn't want to give me the table when the restaurant was practically empty for the next 45 minutes. I don't understand what the fuss was about. As if there was a queue of people waiting to come in and eat..but there was no one except for another table with a couple.

4 of my friends finally arrived 5 minutes after I sat down (one was still enroute). We ordered and the food came out. They served EVERYTHING together, including dessert--which belied the fact that this place has become a factory/production line of food. Read the other review here (the one who also rated this place terrible) and the reviewer said that the management had changed 6 months ago. So that's why.

The food was mediocre. There was nothing special about it. Definitely worse than when I last went here a year ago. Soonafter, our last friend finally arrived. The waitress then came and asked if she could just sit at the counter to eat, because she wanted us to vacate our table! UNBELIEVABLE. What were we supposed to do? Leave our friend--who was one of the secretaries we were honoring for this lunch--and let her eat alone? We said "No. This is a group lunch. It's a celebration." But rude waitress kept insisting. 

Anyway, 2 of us had to go back to the office, so I told her, why don't you give us this table for 4 and let our friend eat. Rude waitress eventually agreed to that. Later, I heard from my friends who were left behind that they started to get our friend's food WHILE SHE WAS STILL EATING.

Seriously, the staff in this restaurant should be FIRED. 

DON'T EAT HERE. That's all I would say. Not worth it. You'd get better food and service at fast food Japanese restaurants like Ichiban Boshi or Sakae Sushi.
09 Apr 2013 • 3 reviews • 0 follower

Service is bad, food also as bad!

The worst restaurant in the area. No telephone reservations. Rude staff. And the food is the worst we've tasted.  Living opposite we see the seafood delivered as we do our morning walk.  At 1800 (6:00PM).    They don't take lunch bookings, nor even dinner bookings (where you pay 100% more for the same dishes).  The staff are local and rude, not one of them speaks Japanese. They are an abomination to Japanese restaurants in Singapore.   Go a few doors around Goldhill and try Naja.   Seriously, I think Matsuo is too old to care anymore - fresh fish left out at the front of the restaurant, and c*** staff. Uggh.