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Megumi Japanese Restaurant (Sunset Way)

This comfortable restaurant serves a wide selection of Japanese cuisine, including premium sashimi airflown from Japan.

Daily: 11:30 - 14:30

Daily: 18:00 - 22:30

+65 67791411
$27 based on 20 submissions
Dinner (4 votes), Lunch (4 votes), Alfresco/Outdoor Dining (3 votes)
Razvan Ghilic-Micu

Salmon don

My salmon sashimi fix. Same price with Sushi Tei, the salmon don here is quantitatively more, and qualitatively better.

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  • Gyu Udon1 vote
  • Saikoro Steak1 vote
  • Salmon Don1 vote
  • Tempura set1 vote
  • UFO Maki1 vote
  • curry pork rice1 vote
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21 Jun 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

Salmon don

My salmon sashimi fix. Same price with Sushi Tei, the salmon don here is quantitatively more, and qualitatively better.
04 Apr 2013 • 33 reviews • 0 follower

Yes to Udon Lunch!

One of my colleagues mentioned this place many times before and since he had the car we head this way for lunch today.  Following my colleague’s recommendation I ordered the ‘Gyu Udon‘ (beef). This was a huge portion but well trained as I am I still finished it up in no time. The soup was your typical udon broth but infused entirely with beefy flavor. It wasn’t cleared so there were clouds of protein and meat fibre floating on the surface but that added extra aroma and so was no show stopper. The noodles were plenty but just cooked a minute too long so I missed the usual udon chewiness. The beef was super lean and tasted great and beefy just the texture was quiet soft, like tenderized. I’m pretty glad we finally made it out here, another satisfying lunch option found.

For the full review and pictures please check out the article on my blog:

Get Your Grub On!
08 Apr 2012 • 15 reviews • 0 follower

African Ebi Tempura, Poor service confirmed

Finally managed to get a table at this busy restaurant today. Reservations made 1 week ago. Elusive!

With so much effort just to get a table, we were really looking forward to a good dining experience.

Alas! It is not meant to be.

Son ordered some Kids Meal platter that came with 2 Ebi Tempura. Easily the most badly deep fried Ebi Tempura we have came across. Over used oil, tempura was dark brown in colour!

Other dishes ordered were forgettable.

Empty dishes were left uncleared from our table. Clarification with certain food served was met with impatient responses.

NO WAY I will be trying out this place again. Impossibly hard to get even a table. Lousy service. Forgettable food. Enough is enough.

Unagi Yanagawa Nabe
08 Apr 2012 • 15 reviews • 0 follower

Not bad...

Blog (access for full review and pictures)

The Chawanmushi came as part of the Complete Side ($6.00), which include Shiro Gohan (white rice) and miso soup. I have always been a fan of Chawanmushis and have become a bit of a connoisseur of it! This great tasting treat was silky smooth which slid down your throat once it was inside your mouth.

The Unagi Yanagawa Nabe ($11.80), was heavily flavoured with thick gooey teriyaki sauce. A great dish to go with your white rice.

Bacon Hotate Teriyaki ($10.80), was something I found quite unique. Hotate which means scallop in Japanese was quite the perfect mix with bacon. However, this probably was not the most value for money dish because E and I were busy removing the leek which we detested!

Ebi Tempura ($15.00) was deep-fried to perfection. It was crispy on the outside and the prawn was really crunchy and fresh.

A Japanese meal can never be complete without sashimi. Though it was not sliced cleanly, Salmon Belly Sashimi($12.00) still topped the lot.

01 Apr 2012 • 14 reviews • 0 follower

One of the worst Japanese food ever

Friends and I had these for dinner.

Fried Ebi Curry Rice

Holy s***, I've never seen fried ebi as hard as these from any decent Japanese restaurant. My female friend had difficulty chopping it with a fork and spoon.

The amount of batter used was huge! It doesn't help that the prawn was suffering from malnutrition, even the laska store below my house had bigger prawns.

Curry was watery.

Katsu Miso/Shouyu Ramen

Salty as hell for the miso ramen. Both my friends ordered ramen with soft-boiled egg, you know, the ones with a runny yolk that goes well with ramen?

Nope, both ramen came with HARD-BOILED egg even though the server specifically said SOFT-BOILED egg. Wow?

Agedashi tofu

Nothing special, you can easily skip it.


Not worth the effort or money for the dinner, especially the dishes I mentioned. Will not be returning.