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Alfresco/Outdoor Dining (12 votes), After Work (9 votes), Boys Night Out (9 votes) ...

Romance and family friendly, Mel’s Place gives you rustic reprieve right in the heart of the East Coast food belt. Live band plays every Friday and Saturday from 8.30 till 11.00pm.

What others are eating here

Fresh Sashimi
Fresh Sashimi
Drambuie Smoked Salmon
Drambuie Smoked Salmon
  • Braised Kurobuta Pork Belly 2 votes
  • Miso Lychee Pork Belly 2 votes
  • Aglio olio seafood 1 vote
  • Almond Tart with Ice Cream 1 vote
  • Amazing Version Beef Cheek 1 vote
  • BBQ Pork Rib and Beef Pie 1 vote
  • Cajun Wedges 1 vote
  • Drambuie Smoked Salmon 1 vote
  • Grilled Japanese Squid 1 vote
  • Grilled Pork Chop 1 vote
  • Kurobuta Pork Rack 1 vote
  • Melting Lava Cake 1 vote
  • Sashimi 1 vote
  • Tempura prawns and vegetables 1 vote
  • Tempura Prawn 1 vote
  • angel curry and mel burger 1 vote
  • angel hair Curry pasta and the pork ribs... 1 vote
  • chicken sandwich 1 vote
  • pork ribs and aglio and burgers... 1 vote

Latest Review for Mel's Place Bar & Bistro

Overall RatingBased on 24 reviews
Most helpful review:

Great Japanese Food!

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 76

The last time when I came here was quite sometime ago. Thanks to a friend invite I am back here again for their new menu. Japanese menu. Yah that's right! They are now serving Japanese cuisine.
 When I was told that we going to eat at Mel's place for some Japanese food. I thought my friend were joking. Only until I see the menu and realised this restaurant have diversified their menu. This is because there aren't many Japanese restaurant around the area. And this looks like a reasonable move but will they live up to expectation ? Yes they did!
 We ordered the sashimi boat and I was impressed that the cut was tick and the fish were fresh. The sashimi are ticker than other Japanese restaurant. At least 50% ticker. So every piece of the sashimi were very satisfying.
 Tempura prawn also another improved version. The prawn that used were those large live prawn. You will immediate felt the different when you take your first bite. And don't throw away the prawn head. They are packed with rich flavour goodness that you want to come back for more.
 Braised beef cheek is another favourite for that night. The presentation was very interesting. They served in Asian planting. It was fun to try to figure how how to eat with the chopstick.
 We also order 2 different type of pork belly that night. The kong-bak-bao type and the braised pork belly slices. Both of them are heavenly. I was told they import the pork from Japan. Because it taste and smell better as compared to Indonesia or Australia pig. Hey no complaint here. It was really good and we finished all of it.
 After this wonderful meal. We continue with some desserts and beers to chill at the restaurant.
 In conclusion, with the new additional menu. I think Mel's place is qualified to be a place that served quality and affordable Japanese food. They are the new challenger for the Japanese restaurant in the area.

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New Menu & Good Food @ Katong!

Food/Drink 5 | Value 5 | Ambience 5 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 687

The restaurant has undergone renovations on the main building, with a new look on the inside, which is air conditioned. The band which used to play outside now plays inside. You can also sit outside the restaurant to enjoy your food and drinks alfresco.

The restaurant now has a good selection of small plates for people to enjoy with their drinks. They have included Japanese cuisine into their menu.

Here are the highlights of our meal:


-Drambuie Smoked Salmon: $16. Restaurant smoked their own salmon and its served with yuzu goma sauce, Crème Fraiche, dried blueberries. You can try the salmon on its own and its not salty. Eaten with the yuzu goma sauce, its nice and adding the Crème Fraiche gave it added dimension.Nice!


Small Plates

- Braised Kurobuta Pork Belly: $10. My friend went crazy over this. He’s a meat lover and he went for it straightaway. The pork is nicely stewed and the tempura purple sweet potato is a nice complement.

- Grilled Japanese Squid: $18. Whole Japanese Squid charcoal grilled with salt and pepper.  No sauce was given. Just squeeze lemon over it and its divine. Must order!

- Tempura  prawns and vegetables: $12. The prawns were big in size. The batter is light and I enjoyed this very much. Its great value and highly recommended. I even ate the prawn head which was crunchy and nice.


Main Course

- Amazing Version Beef Cheek: $30. This was 12 hours slow cooked grass fed beef cheek with mash potato and crispy croissant. Excellent presentation, that is totally unexpected. It’s served on a platter in Chinese utensils, and made to look like a Chinese meal with rice and double boiled soup. Instead the rice bowl contained the mashed potato which was good and you open the soup container to reveal the beef cheek stew! You either use your chopsticks or spoon to scoop the contents out to eat. If you love beef, you MUST ORDER this!

- Miso Lychee Pork Belly: $24. This was another WOW dish. Its presented on a long plate, with a glass of lychee compote (which resembled fried pork lard, and I really thought it was pork lard!), 2 pieces of grilled pork belly, plain Chinese bun, rocket salad and candied hazelnut. You put the items together in between the Chinese bun and eat it. I ate it all, including the fats and skin of the pork belly. Recommended!



- Fresh Sashimi: $80. 5 types of sashimi: Sword fish, Salmon, Tuna, Amberjack and Scallops with a generous scoop of roe. The fish are thickly cut and totally worth the money spent. Good!



- Melting Lava Cake: $12. Served with vanilla ice cream. We had to eat this quickly, as the ice cream was melting and the lava cake was best eaten warm. Eating the cake with the ice cream was yummy!

- Hamburger Macaroon: $10. Nutty chocolate parfait, strawberry and blueberry compote and topped with icing sugar. Nice presernation. The lades will love this. Must try!

I am very impressed with their new menu, which has a good variety and the quality is good. They are generous with their servings.


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brunch place with nice ambience

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 11

i feel a bit weird why is it here has no business. The food is great. ordered Banger and Mash. Its a dish with two sausages with mashed potato and onion rings. The sausages yummy ! They are having a promo at groupon and also 1 for 1 uob promo for their brunch. they have indoor and outing seating. choose the outdoor seating, ambience is nicer. very relaxing ^^

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