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Atrium Restaurant


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Atrium Restaurant is the newly revamped all-day dining restaurant boasting a brand new interior design and a delicious line-up of signature dishes created by the new Executive Chef Chua Yew Hock.

Daily: 06:00 - 00:30

+65 67317172
$24 based on 34 submissions
Quiet (11 votes), Large Groups/Gathering (9 votes), Buffet (8 votes)
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Overall Good

Food was okay, not worth the usual price but okay if you bought a deal voucher from or Groupon to try out.

Quiet and spacious, not bad and food was okay. 

Will come back if there is another voucher or deal.

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Stew Kuche

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30 Apr 2014 • 1 review • 10 followers

You've been warned! cheaters!

This is my 1st food review. The reason why im leaving it is because im angry, i do not want ppl to get cheated, to waste their time and calories space. i felt cheated. the food is even worse then industrial park's canteen, soggy bee hon, smelly chicken, not fresh braised duck and slimmy claypot rice. Im appalled that there are still such standard ard in sg! I do not understand why Holiday Inn can allow such food to be served. A kind word to you staff out there. Bring those food back home for your family members to try, ask for their opinion, im still angry that they even have the cheek to serve such food. Pastries: Lousy kuey lapis, choco cake, carrot cake. Main: Nothing is up to standard except for satay. Cold dish stn: Cray fish, salmon, tuna all not fresh. Prawns and mussels are gd. In essence. NOTHING is good there. Only aunties will enjoy eating there as they've not got many buffet experiences therefore little to no basis of compariso
31 Mar 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

Lousy food

I will have to say this is the worse International buffet I ever had. Not much variety of "International" food there and the food is really not up to standard and not fresh at all. Bought the deal from Groupon and I should say the price though 'discounted' is still very expensive. And when I see the original price, I had a shock that for their food standard, they are charging customers at high price and the food is so less appetizing.

Went there at 6+pm and there was not a crowd. Overall the staff there are friendly. But seriously it is not recommendable till they improve their standard.
08 Jul 2013 • 7 reviews • 0 follower

Most lousy buffet in town - Melting Pot Cafe

Last Wednesday, 3 July 2013, my four friends and I were at Melting Pot Cafe located at Holiday Inn Atrium, and it was the worst international buffet I had tried so far.  We were so pissed off with the food served.

As one of the reviewers had commented, it was like dining in an air-conditioned foodcourt and with not so comfortable chairs and I totally share the same sentiment!   It was a waste of time and money, so please don't ever patronize this cafe.

Firstly, the cold drink, Sprite which was on the house was so diluted that we had to request for replacement.

At the buffet counter, the spread was so limited and most main course were local dished cooked in soggy condition.  Luckily, the fresh prawn is the only dish palatable, whereas the salmon it did not look fresh to me.  Overall, the buffet was most boring and I had to kept asking the waiter when they are going to replenish the pastries.

The serving staff was not properly trained to prepare the food like the popiah.  The Indian lady staff who handled the popiah was unable to put the right portion of sauce and end up it was a disaster to savour it.  In order not to waste food, I only ate the fillings and discarded the popiah skin as it did not bland in well.

One of my friends happened to know one of the hotel staff, and this staff also told my friend that their cafe buffet is not up to standard.  But it was too late when we were already at Melting Pot when we met that hotel staff.

With so many negative comments from the past till now, I just wondered why is the chief chef not looking into the problem and do a overhaul on the quality and standards of it buffet.  Its time they need to replace this chief chef for the better.  Perhaps the hotel management needs to seriously look into the buffet served at Melting Pot.  What is the use of asking diner to give feedback on the Feedback form when the management is not doing anything about it.  My friend and I wrote our long comments, but I guess theere will be no action taken.

So, to all who are looking for cheap and yummy buffet, PLEASE DO NOT PATRONIZE MELTING POT CAFE TO REGRET IT !!!!!!

8 July 2013 (Monday)