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Meng Kitchen serves variety of Chinese dishes like Mini Wok Noodle, Mushroom Minced Meat Noodle, Bak Chor Mee and Fishball Noodles.

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Must Try

Food/Drink 4| Value 4| Ambience 1| Service 1
Total Review: 1

Must order the mushroom minced meat noodle - bak chor mee - for the awesome dose of vinegar. Order with mee pok! Service is non-existent, but don't expect too much for the price & already outstanding food.

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Better off eating somewhere else

Food/Drink 2| Value 3| Ambience 1| Service 1
Total Reviews: 2

Noodles were over cooked.
 Hard to find parking
 Rude staff telling us off.
6Our friends could not join us at the table as there was a queue.

 We were not aware that they are queuing for table and not to order.
 Dont need to gesture and shout.
 Hot like hell. Smell the car fumes if you sit outside
 Dont go into the toilets or the back kitchen. it will spoil your appetite.
 Dirty as hell.

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Ultimate bad service

Food/Drink 3| Value 1| Ambience 1| Service 1
Total Reviews: 2

Worst service ever, shouted at before ordering and even told in a loud voice that 'we could not join 2 tables together if 6 of you are only ordering 3 BCM to share'.

ketchup BCM was good, better than most but the vinegarised BCM was akin to rubber band soaked in vinegar for 10 hours before serving.

Needless to say, service was so bad that the same service staff ignored us for 5 minutes after watching us wave at him. He even walked past us with our hands in his face and shoved us to make it clear he saw us.

luckily for him, we have paid or we would have walked off without paying a single cent for being a douche.

Overall, 66% chance of getting decent noodles and 100% to get an angry fuming guy in his 50s who despises his job and content shouting at his customers. Not worth a visit unless you can tolerate a douche.

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Ultimate bad service + 1 out of 3 bowls were inedible

Food/Drink 3| Value 1| Ambience 1| Service 1
Total Reviews: 2

Service was so bad it spoiled the meal so much that I'll probably never go back again.

Furthermore, out of the three bowls of BCM we ordered, the one with which we ordered with vinegar was vinegarised to the point of being vinegar noodles. Needless to say, it was left on the table when we left.

The service was horrendous as we were shouted at by the service staff for joining 2 tables together because a single table could not fit our party of 6. What made it worst is that said further shouted that we could not join 2 table if we were only ordering 3 bowls of noodles to share between 6 person. For the rest of the eating experience, other than having a bowl of 'rotten' noodles, the same staff took 5 minutes to return to us to supposedly 'wash' the noodles and brought back to us the same over-vinegarised noodles despite seeing us wave at him for his attention.

luckily this is a country where there is no need to tip or this guy would get a penny balanced between 6 chopsticks on a table glamourised for the world to see.

The only saving grace? 2 bowls out of 3 were actually quite good but hareas one supposed to rate food well if he has not had a fine dining experience. It was the first time we've ever had such S***** service and we decided it was so bad that if we were shouted at by the next service staff before we ordered our food, we would make him bring the food to us and leave without paying.

Overall decent BCM clouded by extremely bad service and over-vinegarised noodles that makes this place not worth visiting unless you like playing Russian roulette with a chance of being shouted at upon sitting down.

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