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#02-14, Bugis Junction, 200 Victoria Street, 188021
Asian, European, French, Fusion, Italian, Japanese
+65 68846884
+65 68370301

Sun: 11:30 - 22:00

Mon - Thu: 11:30 - 22:00

Fri - Sat: 11:30 - 22:30

Eve of PH & PH: 11:30 - 22:30

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Miam Miam is a casual Artisanal French cafe that brings together a mixture of French Artisanal Cuisine & Techniques with influences derived from traditional Japanese preparation and cooking arts.

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Miam Miam YUM YUM

Total Reviews: 38

If there is anywhere to order a souffle, I recommend you miam miam chocolate souffle. Although the waiting time was around fifteen to twenty minutes, Miam Miam's souffle did not disappoint. Greeted by friendly staff, the souffle was perfectly shaped when served and did I mention how the temperature was just perfect? The first scoop is slightly crispy on the outside but dig your spoon deeper and be ready to see a beauty out of this world. Pop in the spoonful of souffle in your mouth and you've experience heaven!

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Alike to Hoshino Coffee

Food/Drink 3| Value 2| Ambience 4| Service 2
Total Reviews: 202

The first feel when I went in to this place, I was indeed impressed with their decoration and ambience. The disturbing feeling came in when I started to read the menu before I placed my order, a sense of familiarity, something I ordered before but definitely not in Miam Miam. You are right! If you get what I mean. I had the same signature spaghetti at Hoshino Coffee (Plaza Sing), nevertheless since I am seated in this place, I have ordered the same signature spaghetti, squid ink risotto and another bake rice dish on the menu. I have to say the spaghetti taste the same with Hoshino Coffee. But I have to give the kudos to their squid ink risotto! It is a definitely must try if you happen to be in this place. The pancake soufflé is the same like Hoshino café, but those in Hoshino is fluffier. Be prepare to pay a bit more if you are eating in Miam Miam, price wise is much higher than normal café/bistro.

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Lousy customer service and judgmental staff

Food/Drink 3| Value 1| Ambience 2| Service 1
Total Review: 1

First and foremost, customer service was atrocious even before entering the premises; The staff were very judgemental towards the customers. The senario was like this, we were supposed to be the next one to be served however when we were queueing, the staff literally ignored our presence and ushered the "adults" behind us to their seats first. He assumed that we would not have enough money to pay for our food as we looked like students and later on, he made sarcastic comments about us while we were having our meal saying that "nowadays youngsters sure know how to enjoy life" also heard him making rude comments of other customers behind their back as well. It's our first visit and it will also be our last visit. The food and ambience overall was quite okay. For food rating, I would rate it at a 7/10 but the portion was considered quite small and the price is a bit pricey as well. Therefore, please think twice before entering as you might also have to deal with such staff and customer service if you look young or you are a student. :/

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The management of Miam Miam responded to this review:
24 Feb 2016
Dear customer, Thank you for your time and we read your feedback with much concern. We have since spoken to all our managers in charge upon reading of your feedback. We would like to check with you the exact date that you dined in at our Bugis outlet. This will help us to identify the staff mentioned so that we can speak to him about the manner in which he behaved. On behalf of Miam Miam, please accept our apologies for this unpleasant experience and we hope that you will view it as an isolated case. Have your feedback coming in and we'll do our best to look into improvements. Should you wish to contact us directly, please drop an email to enquiries@miammiam.com.sg and we will get back to you asap. Thank you.

Bad Services

Food/Drink 1| Service 1
Total Review: 1

Went there with a friend for catch up. We have ordered two main dishes plus vanilla souffles for dessert. Usually, when ordering dessert, the waitress will check whether do we want it to be served now or later. However, the waitress just notified us that the dessert will be served 20 minutes after our main dish were served. 

Two of us were busy catching up thus as a result our souffle end up sinking in the centre. The waitress approached us. Initially, I thought that the waitress wanted to change our dessert out of goodwill. Instead, she penalised us by telling us straight in our face that our dessert was sinking. We were startled by the crude remarks. Hello!!!!! We were the one eating & paying for it. We didn't mind it at all. Why should you???

The bad services leave a bad impression. This is definitely first (and only) visit to Miam Miam.

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