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Review for Ming Kee Chicken Rice & Porridge


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10 Nov 2013 • 250 Reviews • 8 Followers

Chilli needs more fine-tuning

After Tian Tian Chicken Rice, I think this must be the stall which will actually require people to queue for more than 30min. We queued for exactly 40min slightly before 5pm on a Sunday afternoon. Why the long queue? Well, this appeared in "Where the Queue Starts" and the price is really cheap.    We ordered half a chicken ($12), chicken feet ($3), bean sprouts aka taugeh($3). Each plate of rice costs 50cent...............    But, the problem for us was the diluted chilli which seemed to be prepared half-heartedly. Old Ma stated that the chilli should be really superb to the extent that one can finish an entire plate of chicken rice without the chicken.,......  
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  • why chilli so diluted
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