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Monster Curry (ION Orchard)

Japanese curry from Monster Curry is known to to have a distinctive dark brown colour and thicker texture, which is served with tonkatsu, chicken katsu, deep fried prawns and chicken cheese katsu.

Daily: 11:00 - 21:30

+65 65094555
$14 based on 28 submissions
Lunch (10 votes), Dinner (9 votes), After Work (8 votes)

Japanese Curry Haven

With a wide variety of food choices at Orchard ION, it was hard deciding what to eat. Finally chose this place as our taste buds wanted something spicy. Overall great tasting curry with some spice that goes well with their rice.

The HGW community like this place for...

  • seafood3 votes
  • Pork Shabu Shabu2 votes
  • Cheese Chicken Katsu Curry1 vote
  • chicken katsu1 vote
Community submitted Favourites:
Based on 28 votes
17 Jan 2015 • 3 reviews • 0 follower

Overated, unhygiene practise, poor service charged with 10%

I had my first visit to the ION orchard branch today. Within the minute I sat down, I feel so much to start writing a feedback here. Really question the commitment of the management and the staff here. Let's begin how my journey start.
 My wife and myself gave our order each and we were told to a table 5. We were literally scouting where the hell is table 5.
 ( your staff can be a bit more helpful by directing us to the table. I see them not doing this to other guest as well. There was an incident when the guests sat at the wrong table. The cashier literally giving the hand signal desperately from far where the rest of the staff.... do nothing.)
 Infact its fine for guests to look for their table but then 10% service charge for such standard?
 Next while waiting, I saw one of the staff bring 2 cans of drink and 2 plastic cups. What amazed is the cup is held together with 2 fingers inside of each cup. Thata wonderful isn't it so hygenie!
 Next with such a powerful name "monster curry" and a good presentation photo on the menu I would have expected something. When the order came, the presentation on my plate is a total difference.
 Let me share with you management and guys who read my feedback here on a place that served better looking, better service, more tasteful Japanese curry at almost the same price. Luckily this place is just next to work place, its a stall unit in china square foodcourt next to the Thai stall. Its operated literally by 2 Japanese lady only to a very huge and busy office crowd (yes they operate on office days only).
 If you think monster curry was great then give this place a try. And yes, their service is good and polite without the 10% service charge.
 Final verdict? Overated and disappointing. Rememeber don't order drinks But if have to don't take their cups. You never know where their finger went in the first place
12 Jan 2015 • 8 reviews • 0 follower

Japanese Curry Haven

With a wide variety of food choices at Orchard ION, it was hard deciding what to eat. Finally chose this place as our taste buds wanted something spicy. Overall great tasting curry with some spice that goes well with their rice.
18 Aug 2014 • 28 reviews • 0 follower

My favorite katsu curry place

Whenever I am craving for Japanese curry, I will always come to this place. For the spicy level, I chose 1. I don't like Japanese curry that is too spicy. The curry here is pretty good. It taste so good when you mix the curry sauce with rice. The katsu is wonderfully fried. The portion is pretty big. A portion of chicken katsu curry is good for two to share. The sides are pretty pricy. It costs $3 to add an omelette.

I somehow wished they had been more generous with the curry sauce. Because my curry sauce was almost all gone when I was halfway through the dish, the staff informed me that it will cost another $3 for extra curry sauce. Boo!

Apart from that, this is a good place for chicken katsu curry.
22 Jul 2014 • 111 reviews • 1 follower

Monster Curry Huge Monster Japanese Curry

See pictures of Monster Curry :  Mrupupup went to the newly opened Monster Curry (Japanese) store at Nex #B1-08. Mrupupup ordered the huge (very, very big plate) of Sea Monster curry. Why Sea Monster? Because the huge plate came with rice, lots of hot Japanese curry sauce with 4 prawns tempura style, two scallops and one large fried fish fillet. The signature, dark curry was delicious and spicy.The Monster Curry dish was so big that two persons actually struggled to finish up the curry dish.

 Well, with big plate means big price of $25 (without GST hor!) - actual was $28.25. Ok, Mrupupup's advice try to get three persons or more if you want to order the HUGE plate curry sauce dish. Monster Curry outlet was popular during meals times. Be prepared to wait for huge groups of people. Besides Sea Monster, there are other types of curry dishes with pork, chicken or seafood. One could choose the cheaper versions around $12 if only one person dines at Monster Curry.

 Burp! Think too much curry sauce!
10 May 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower


the smell of pork is horrible... I want to vomit. I only ate 1/3 of my food. the price is ok I was totally devastated because a lot.of people are eating but maybe aboiding pork katsu curry