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Conveniently nestled on the fringe of the Central Business District, Moosehead is a mediterranean restaurant and bar serving great foods with fast, fun and fresh ambiance for everyone to get lively and chilled.

What others are eating here

giant chicken neck tsukune (grilled chicken meatball) on a sliced of bread ($18)
giant chicken neck tsukune (grilled chicken meatball) on a sliced of bread ($18)
beef tongue with garlic, butter and parsley on top ($25)
beef tongue with garlic, butter and parsley on top ($25)
Sanma (Pacific Saury) in bonito broth ($28)
Sanma (Pacific Saury) in bonito broth ($28)
Beef cheek pau
Beef cheek pau
Chicken bulgogi
Chicken bulgogi
  • bacon-wrapped chargrilled dates with roast garlic aioli and pine nuts 3 votes
  • beef tongue with garlic, butter and parsley on top ($25) 1 vote
  • lberian pork presa with pickled portobello mushrooms and shishito peppers 1 vote
  • octopus 1 vote
  • off menu specials 1 vote

Latest Review for Moosehead Kitchen - Bar

Overall RatingBased on 11 reviews
Most helpful review:

Great food, Good ambience- and improved service!

Food/Drink 5 | Value 4 | Ambience 5 | Service 5
Total Review: 1

Of course after reading reviews about the poor service I expected sub par treatment but surprisingly there was excellent Service ( must have improved with all the reviews of poor service). When we arrived, we were greeted promptly and seated 15 min earlier than our reservation. After deciding on what to order, a waitress waiting patiently near the kitchen took the order and within 15min the food was already arriving( Pork scratchings with beef tartare- highly recommend). An additional order of pita bread was ordered and it came out within 5 min to go with the beetroot and Burrata, which was good but nothing to write home about, I'd definitely skip that the next time I come. The Flat iron steak and potatoes came next and were also both excellent. and Finally the Greek Donuts and my gosh I could three more orders of this, light and cripy pockets of dough with honey, creme fraiche and chopped hazelnuts. wow.
 All in all, I'd recommend Moosehead. My date and I had 5 plates to split between us and I have to say that was quite filling, definitely nicely portioned Tapas. The ambiance was cozy and intimate, perhaps a little packed for a Tuesday Night, but it definitely goes to show that the food is worth coming in for.

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Good Food but don't expect service

Food/Drink 4 | Value 2 | Ambience 1 | Service 1
Total Reviews: 2

With much anticipation after reading all the online reviews we went to dine at the Moosehead kitchen (4 people).
 Firstly, what we were surprised about was the place is setup as a corner diner, open front shop with bench seats along the wall. More like a burger and fries kind of place - in a good way - but that is not the picture portrayed clearly on their website. so if you haven't been there before and plan to go , it is a jeans, shorts, t shirt kind of place.
 Secondly, food is creative and nice. we had almost everything on the menu (some stuff two of and was mostly good tasty food). However, they are very busy and when busy, they try to rush some dished to the table. We had to send the chicken back because it was not cooked in the centre (raw actually - gladly we looked before eating).
 The down side of the evening was the service staff. They act like teenagers; inexperienced, dismissive and distracted. Somehow bringing down the overall experience to a level where you just want to go up to the counter to order your own food and not have to deal with the painful staff who just can't pull it together in attending to simplest requests and delivering on those.
 Overall; a good concept, very rough around the edges and needs to be revised as cafeteria (Kitchen) versus a restaurant.

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Small plates, cool vibe

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 3

If you like unpretentious, gourmet small plates, this is the place for you. Well executed western-centric dishes with approachable wine/beer list to accompany. Cozy, decent tunes, on a hip stretch of Telok Ayer.

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