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Located at Mandarin Oriental, Morton's The Steakhouse specialises on steak. They serve a wide variety of cuts, as well as other western dishes like sauteed mushrooms and macaroni and cheese.

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Still the Best Steak I ever Had

Food/Drink 5| Value 4| Ambience 4| Service 5
Total Review: 1

Thanks for the experience. it was awesome. Perfect for those special occassion. I cook steak occassionally but I just cant replicate the taste nor the texture of it. so until that day happens, will come here every year :)

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Needs to be more convinced about the steak

Food/Drink 3| Value 3| Ambience 4| Service 4
Total Reviews: 14

Made a reservation on Saturday night and only managed to get a booking at 930pm. went ahead anyway since it closes at 11pm and we didnt mind a late dinner date. We ordered Prime Rib as recommended by the service staff. The portion was pretty huge for a female appetite. So i shared with my partner. It was just nice to share one portion of Prime Rib as we still had the complimentary bread. Our preference for steak is more of marbling fats together together with the beef, so Prime Rib was just so-so for us. Might need to be more convinced to try out their centre cut prime ribeye the next time, but will try other steakhouses before heading back to Morton's now. 

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Awesome steaks from Morton's Steakhouse

Food/Drink 4| Value 4| Ambience 3| Service 4
Total Reviews: 164

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Located at Mandarin Oriental Singapore, the hotel beside Marina Square and opposite The Floating Platform, it can be considered quite accessible and a great hotel to view the beautiful Singapore Skyline at night. With such an amazing view, food contained is definitely more than just average!

Morton's Steakhouse is much popular for its steak of course. Serving only the highest grade of aged USDA & Australian beef selections and taking great effort into preparing the steaks for diners, only makes us go right for the steaks, and nothing else.

Potterhouse Steak at 24 ounces ($117.00). Served medium-rare.

Center-Cut Prime Ribeye at 16 ounces ($99.50). Served medium-rare.

Cajun Ribeye Steak ($102.00). Served medium-rare.

Five Peppercorn Rubbed Prime Strip Steak at 20 ounces ($138.00). Served at well-done.

Signature Cut Prime New York Strip at 20 ounces ($134.00). Served rare.

Center Cut Filet Mignon at 12 ounces ($99.00). Served medium-rare.

If you are not too keen with the steak, another option would be Chilean Seabass ($77.00).

Souffle for Two ($37.00) for our dessert. We were too full to actually care about whether it's for two or not, and just shared the entire bowl within the 8 of us. Everyone had a couple of spoons of the fluffy and soft souffle. Similar to egg tarts, and this is even better than just egg tarts.

This meal is definitely our most expensive dinner ever, and none of us have seen 4-figures amount in a single receipt before. But disregard the amount, the quality of the food is definitely worth what we paid for, and if I ever have the chance again, Morton's is definitely topping the list, or at least in the first few.

On another note, the serving is pretty filling even for a single pax to finish it up, which actually leaves all of us either too full or with a few grams of meat untouched.

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Revisiting an old friend

Food/Drink 4| Value 3| Ambience 3| Service 4
Total Reviews: 527

We were back at Morton's after a rather long hiatus (almost 2 years to be exact) and were eager to reacquaint ourselves with our once favourite steakhouse in Singapore.

We were seated at our usual table, at the corner nearest to the kitchen that we so valued for the relative privacy it offered. But not anymore. The place has undergone a renovation and more tables have been squeezed into the same area (revenue increment measures?), resulting in much narrower walkways (the traditional pushcarts doing the introduction rounds and desserts have been canned as a result). The booth seats are now black instead of the original red and overall, the place oozes a modern vibe as compared to the former steakhouse like atmosphere.

Complimentary Onion Loaf - As mentioned in one of my previous writeups, the size of the onion loaf has shrunk considerably but still proved too much for 2 people to try and finish up, not with the plethora of food that was coming our way. Though fragrant, quality came across as a little inferior; dry with the onion taste a tad watered down.

Salmon Mixed Grill - The mixed grills are a recent introduction to the menu (currently priced at $98++ each) and I personally feel that it's a great way to experience a bit of everything that Morton has to offer. We started off with the Salmon Mixed Grill; Fresh salmon topped with jumbo lump crabmeat with 3 grilled shrimps & 2 baked shrimps.

The chunk of grilled salmon (sitting on 2 stalks of crunchy asparagus) boasted firm flesh without coming across as too fishy whilst the crabmeat atop provided a sweet, crustacean accompaniment. Adding to the delight were the 3 jumbo sized grilled shrimps; Sweet and crunchy. I did find the baked shrimps a little repetitive though. They were nothing more than a combination of shrimp and crab meat. Still good nonetheless. Just watch out for the nausea attached to consuming too much seafood at one go.

Filet Mixed Grill - The Filet Mixed Grill consisted of a 6 oz filet mignon, 3 grilled shrimps and 2 bacon wrapped scallops. I'm usually a fan of Morton's filet mignon but the meat, though done to a perfect medium rare and coming across as juicy and flavourful, seemed a little soft this time round (quality of meat, perhaps?). As with the shrimps in the Salmon Mixed Grill, the grilled shrimps here were equally crunchy and sweet. The scallops wrapped in bacon are a perennial favourite with us but these ones were a smaller than the usual ones on the appetiser menu and came across as a tad soft in the middle. On the upside, they were wrapped in crisp, salty and fresh tasting (no reused oil taste) bacon strips. Overall a sinfully rich dish.

Spinach & Mushrooms - I would very much love to label this as our much needed, healthy greens dish but unfortunately it's anything but. The spinach was soft whilst the mushrooms had a buttery sweetness to them. So much for healthy eating.

See my entire review and all my pictures here.

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