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Review for My Awesome Cafe

The Ranting Panda • 01 Apr 2014 • 195 Reviews • 1 Follower

Far from Awesomeness

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The Iced Mocha ($5) was a flop. Had chosen that on a hot Sunday afternoon (read 35°C) and a late night before, hoping to down something cold with caffeine. The drink turned out diluted, bland and with brown solid powder at the bottom of the iced cold drink. Epic fail. Rants Taken a look at their facebook account, cafe website and initial reviews of the cafe, I saw the words Local, Awesome and Vintage on a repeat mode. I must say, there’s just so little local flavour in it other than the hardwares, nothing awesome other than the cafe name itself, nothing vintage other than the shophouse. Have My Awesome Cafe tried too hard to be awesome that it lost its way to Awesomeness?
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