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#02-27/29, Esplanade Mall, 8 Raffles Avenue, 039802
Asian, Chinese, Fusion
+65 64231881

Daily: 12:00 - 15:00

Daily: 18:30 - 22:30

$82 based on 60 submissions
Dinner (28 votes), Quiet (23 votes), Fine Dining (21 votes) ...

A member of the Tung Lok group, this self-style "artistic restaurant" serves neoclassic Chinese cuisine, juxtaposing traditional Chinese flavours with modern artistic elements. House specialties include fantastic-sounding concoctions like tiger prawn glazed with citrus cream on grape salsa and grilled wagyu in green apple sesame reduction.

What others are eating here

Deep fried tofu in special spiced powder
Deep fried tofu in special spiced powder
Pumpkin creme brulee with mango sorbet
Pumpkin creme brulee with mango sorbet
Deep fried tiger prawns in citrus cream with grape salsa
Deep fried tiger prawns in citrus cream with grape salsa
Old tofu in superlative chicken broth
Old tofu in superlative chicken broth
  • Seafood consomme 4 votes
  • Wagyu Beef with foie gras 2 votes
  • Wasabi Prawns 2 votes
  • bird nest in young coconut 2 votes
  • Crisp Fried Edamame Tofu Topped with Crab Meat and Roe 1 vote
  • Crispy Fish Skin in Oatmeal 1 vote
  • Snow fish with garlic 1 vote
  • beancurd and abalone 1 vote
  • chawanmushi 1 vote
  • scallops and asparagus 1 vote

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Overall RatingBased on 66 reviews
Most helpful review:

Weekend lunch at an extraordinary price

Food/Drink 3 | Value 3 | Ambience 5 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 31

For more pictures and full menu, go to 
Was there on a Saturday afternoon. It is almost empty with only us and another table. The staff were in the midst of setting up for a wedding banquet.I was quite disappointed with the change of menu as they removed my favourite Peking duck and crispy noodles with seafood. Food quality has also dropped as compared to the last time I was there. However, service is still as awesome. 
Will I be back again? Maybe
Point to note: If you have a Amex platinum card which comes with palate membership, this restaurant offers a 50% off total bill when you order at least 2 main courses. With the 50% discount off the total bill, this place is definitely worth a visit.

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Expensive lousy food in miserable portions

Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 30

  My fren had a palate card which gave us 50% off   Overall the food was lousy and the portions were miserable  . I won't go back again and I dun find it worthwhile at all despite the 50% discount for palate card members.   Here's what two of us ordered (prices listed are before discount)   Tapas: silver bait in salted egg yoke. The silver bait must have been grounded up and mixed into the flour. Cos all we tasted was fried flavoured floor .   Tapas: Chicken and chives dumpling- this was worse than Lao Beijing standard. The pan fried skin was thick and had a strong flour taste. The filling inside was very average. Strangely, the Chinese and English names of this dish did not correspond. The Chinese version of this name was something abt egg and chives pancake. There were 8 small pieces and it filled us up.   Boston noodle ramen $38: again this dish was disappointing. The noodle was the handmade kind and overly cooked (soft soggy), there was a strong flour taste. This was dry noodle and it just tasted salty,soggy and "flour". Ok abit of the lobster fragrance was infused in the noodle but it was mostly as above. The lobster portion was a tiny part of the tail- abt 2 medium prawn size, it was the only thing that tasted nice. But how to go wrong with pan fried lobster that is of good quality/ fresh?   Sakura San bei chicken- this was one of the first dish to be served. While the order taker had subtly warned us of the one person portion, it still came as a shock. For that price ($38?) the chicken came in a 'baby size' claypot (smaller than small) with a few PETITE pieces of chicken that you could count at a glance. I would think if I scoop up the contents of the claypot, everything would fit into my (normal  female size) palm and maybe I could even close my palm .   Kagoshima wagyu beef $50- the name was enough to make me salivate. This turned out to be the worst dish. The miserable and thin portion surpassed my expectation of the small portions they serve. Come on, this is $50! The taste was tender and 'liver'. The sauce on the beef was somewhat like wine-vinegar reduction. The sour sauce and the beef did not match at all. I kind of recalled the menu indicated 'pan-seared and salt'. I was expecting plain beef in salt, but the salt turned out to be a decoration on the rim of the plate.      The funny thing was, the tapas were cheaper and portions bigger. Well, the catch for the palate card discount was that you had to order at least 2 mains for the discount to kick in.   The plus points of the place was the good service and nice environment. Drinks were not included in the palate card discount and our order of jasmine pearl tea was $4.50++ per pax. It added $10 to the final bill and we paid $75. (Would have been $65 after the palate discount for the food items).   I dun understand why the restaurant was 90% full and survived so long with such standards.       

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good food but not humble bills.

Food/Drink 4 | Value 1 | Ambience 4 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 4

nice food but not so humble on price.

we had lunch here and the food was great.

the place looks great with the fancy design.

i would bring a date there to impress maybe

but going there for the food wise, i am sure you can find a better place with a cheap tag.

we tried a few dish, wasabi prawns, seafood consomme and snow fish.
all good. but is i wont go back at those prices!

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