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Review for Myung Dong Korean BBQ Restaurant


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03 May 2014 • 1 Review • 0 Follower


First of all, the restaurant is under new management. The previous owner who set up the place is no longer there. I had no idea about this critical change and this is what I found out yesterday.

The worst Korean restaurant not only in Singapore but probably in the whole region.

1. Charcoal: not made of woods but a mix of chemicals and coal. If you have a death wish, go ahead.
2. Side dishes: Every table had different kinds and numbers of dishes. No lettuce, salad, garlic,etc on my table while other tables were missing something too..
3. Service: Not properly trained. sloppy and no sense of hygiene.
4. Meat: I ordered spicy pork belly and soy sauce seasoned pork. Seasoning on spicy pork was all dried up and soy sauce seasoned pork was unseasoned. Became very bitter and dry after I grilled it.
5. Price: Cheap. Explains a lot.
6. Washroom: c'mon.....
My Korean mother used to run her own BBQ restaurant for more than 30 years in US until her retirement in 2010. I assure you that Myung Dong is not even a Korean restaurant. I dunno what kind of standards they have, but I wouldn't eat anything even if they are all free. I took off after I had 3 pieces of spicy pork and I didn't even touched the soy sauce seasoned pork. When I saw the bill with 10% service charge added on, I couldn't stop laughing.
Again, the WORST in the whole REGION.
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