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Nabins (Bali Lane)

IranianMiddle Eastern
Address: 27 Bali Lane
Nabins at Bali Lane serves Middle Eastern cuisine and shisha.

Mon - Fri: 10:00 - 23:00

Sat - Sun: 10:00 - 05:00

+65 62993267
$18 based on 41 submissions
Alfresco/Outdoor Dining (5 votes), After Work (4 votes), Boys Night Out (4 votes)

I Want Beers!

The place comes with a nice alfresco just in front of the restaurant. Litted up with candles in the evening and good music. Good place for chilling after work, better on weekdays when it is not crowded. Beers are at affordable price all night

The HGW community like this place for...

  • Lamb shank3 votes
  • Western Snack Feast3 votes
  • Beer Promotion2 votes
  • Lamb dalhi1 vote
Community submitted Favourites:
Based on 41 votes
21 Sep 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

The management doesn't care anymore for their S***** service staff!!

I usually head to nabins for some drinks, snacks and sheesha with my friends. It was my ultimate place to be to just catch up for some sheesha. Its just so hard to get attention from their service staff! I noticed that their usual staff isn't around, and they were a few new faces. Nabins does have a good ambience and good food, but charging their customers 10% service charge is definitely not worth it with their S***** service and attitude.

I've been to nabins at least 6 to 7 times this year and this is by far the worst. My two friends and I got seated next to a group of 8 to 10 pax at the corner and we could hardly go into our seats inside, because of the big group. Still tolerable about that. We wanted to order some drinks, chicken drumlets and sheesha. We were told that if we just stick with this current order without getting any beers we were only allowed to stay for an hour. What kind of a logic is that? We ended up going in favor with them to order a platter. It's like a constant battle with their staff to get their attention, to get them to top up our charcoal and we have to wait for a good 15 to 20 minutes before they acknowledge our presence. Everyone was struggling to get their requests.

When we wanted to get our bill and pack up the platter with a bunch of fries and 5 or 6 chicken drumlets remaining, we couldn't get a staff for at least a good 45 minutes. We had no choice but to get the next available waitress in sight which was taking an big order from the big group next to us. She glared at us saying that she'll get it. They carry walkie talkies for a reason, why can't they get another staff to get it? We asked for the bill and for our platter to be packed, she rolled her eyes at my friend and said, "huh pack ah. So lehchey, must go up and down again." What kind of a attitude is that? I spent 80 plus dollars to enjoy a evening and this is the c*** I get? I answered her if I should get the platter down myself to get it packed, and she just took it away from the table. When she was back she gave us the bill without any folder and said they ran of plastic, hope we don't mind. What kind of a f&b establishment runs out of plastic?! Are you just too lazy to get it or did you wanted to get back at us? As we went down to pay, I left them a suggestion slip and we feedbacked to a Fillipino man who is believed to be the manager. He apologized for our horrible experience and guess what? He could get us a plastic for our leftovers. This restaurant has bad reviews dating back to 2011, shouldn't they do something about it? Are they going to just ignore it? I left my name and contact details, and I hope the management can look into their staff's attitude. It's a good example of the worst ever service in Singapore.

No doubt it's getting bad to really terrible. Horrible service, just look at how many bad reviews they have all for the same reasons. I highly suggest to go to another place for sheesha. Not worth my money at all!!
25 Mar 2014 • 2 reviews • 0 follower

I Want Beers!

The place comes with a nice alfresco just in front of the restaurant. Litted up with candles in the evening and good music. Good place for chilling after work, better on weekdays when it is not crowded. Beers are at affordable price all night
25 Mar 2014 • 3 reviews • 0 follower

Good Dining Experience

Had a great time with colleagues. The place was crowded every weekend but it was worth it. There are bellydancing every saturday and promotion for beers all night! 
Ambience was excellent. Floor sitting and also cushions which feel just like home Service was really good. Had a good chat with the staff. All of them are friendly. Will really come back for a next visit!
20 Dec 2011 • 1 review • 0 follower

The worst dining experience I've ever had

The worst dining experience I've ever had.

I don't usually leave restaurant reviews good or bad but this restaurant is so unbelievably bad I feel I have to warn others.

There's so many things wrong with place that I don't know where to start so let me take them chronologically... you will not believe how bad things get by the end of this review.

My Wife, daughter, parents and I stumbled on this place by chance (as the fabulous mexican we had wanted to eat at on Haji lane was unfortunately closed).

Shortly after taking a seat outside and ordering some drinks, the music turned into unbearably loud euro trance ( I love electronic music by the way but this was just offensive bleeps and noise). This was so loud that we had to shout our order at the waiter and could not hear ourselves talk, we repeatedly had to ask for it to be turned down.

Next our starters of a sharing platter arrived, we were expecting some fresh mezze but instead were faced with some deep fried (obviously mass produced and frozen) chicken drumsticks and breadcrumbed fish served with deep fried mushrooms a bowl of tomato ketchup and a turgid looking falafel served with what appeared to be yellow rice mixed with tomato ketchup.

This was left on the table with no plates or cutlery and we had to call the incompetent waiter back before we were provided with some eating utensils.

Immediately after this the 4 main courses we ordered were brought out? We had yet to take a mouthful of the starters and due to the large serving platter the starters were served on there was simply no room on the table. We had to send the mains back while we had the unpleasant task of eating the deep fried rubbish ( a KFC would have been much nicer)

Had we not been so hungry from walking around singapore to show our parents the sites all day we would have turned this food away but we persisted thinking things can only get better.... little did we know.

Our now cold mains were brought out:-


1 chicken sheesh kebab (cold, hard and pitiful)

1 lamb shank (cold, hard, obviously cooked days ago and reheated then left to go cold while we ate starters)

2 * rack of lamb (this was definitely not a rack of lamb as described on the menu but a couple of gristly, fatty, old lamb chops hidden beneath a foul tasteless sauce)

The food was inedible and we immediately called the waiter over to tell him so... now here's were things took a very nasty turn and is the main reason why i write this review to warn others about staying away from this hell hole....

The waiter was clearly out of his depth and had no idea how to handle a simple complaint about food (hard to understand as I'm fairly sure this place must get many complaints).... so he called another waiter over, we explained again that the main course we inedible and we wanted it taking away (the full plates of food were then taken away). We suggested that we would be happy to pay for the drinks and starters but were not happy to pay for the mains.... the clueless waiter told us to wait while he spent 10 mins talking to the manager on his phone. After this he came back and offered to reheat the food that had been taken away.... as you can probably image we declined and asked for the bill minus the price of the mains..... Next 3 waiters came to our table in a pathetic attempt to intimidate us into paying... again we said were happy to pay for the food and drinks we had already eaten but would not be paying for inedible food that we had returned......

Their response was to call the manager again and hand the phone over to my wife who then proceeded to spend 10 mins explaining the whole thing again.... by now my 4 year old daughter was getting very tired and it was becoming clear that both the rude manager and staff were insisting that we pay for food we had not eaten.

I repeatedly asked for the bill with the idea of leaving cash on the table for what we had eaten and getting out of there as by now my daughter was crying and I was starting to get annoyed with this farce.. The staff refused to provide the bill and insisted that we wait for the manager who they said was driving over... By now I was starting to see red and made an ultimatum that they give us the bill or we would leave without paying anything.... unbelievably they refused to provide a bill so we started to walk away..

We now had 3 waiters trying to block our way in a threatening manners so that we couldn't walk away, my daughter became scared and I insisted they move and let us pass, now they followed us down the street while we attempted to call a taxi. This situation went on for 10 mins as we struggled to hail a cab, my wife had calculated that we owed approx $100 dollars for the food and drink and repeatedly offered to pay if they would leave us alone but they kept trying to block our progress and intimidate us causing my 60yr old mother to lose her footing and fall into a drain injuring her ankle..... this is simply despicable behaviour and I hope this thug of a waiter is ashamed of himself..... clearly not as no apology was offered and when we finally hailed a taxi the guy was trying to open the door and stood in front of the taxi so it couldn't move... eventually we escaped from this lunatic.

Never in all my years have I witnessed anything like this, I rarely complain about food (it's got to be pretty disgusting before I will) but any previous complaint has been dealt with politely and food has been knocked of the bill. Having 3 guys chase a respectable family including pensioners and a 4yr old girl down the road is not the kind of customer service I look for in a restaurant.

I hope this clearly struggling excuse for a restaurant goes out of business quickly, also worth mentioning that the toilets are a disgusting environmental health hazard.

Be warned and stay away.
30 May 2011 • 1 review • 0 follower

HORRIBLE Service & Cocktails!

They make the WORST cocktails I've ever tasted.

I ordered one Mojito and Lime Margarita, and I can't even taste any alcohol in it. It was super diluted and they can't even make a decent salt-rimmed glass for my Lime Margarita. Seriously, NOT WORTH THE MONEY.

Their service was an issue as well. It was extremely slow on a Friday night, they actually forgot about my drinks. When I wanted to order just another drink, the waitress came, heard my simple order but then told me that she will get someone else to assist with my order. What the hell is this?!

Extremely bad first time experience at Nabins. Will never step back in there again.