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Nagomiya Japanese BBQ has closed.

Review for (Closed) Nagomiya Japanese BBQ (Holland Village)


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Address: #01-52, Chip Bee Gardens, 44 Jalan Merah Saga, 278116
14 Dec 2011 • 1 Review • 0 Follower

Do not ever patronize this restuarant

Instead of patronizing Nagomiya, I advise everyone to try Gyu Kaku.

Basically, Nagomiya is out to cheat customers.

I am someone who do not mind paying for pricey food but charging me without me ordering it or knowing it - is just unscrupulous or dishonest.

I was there with a friend last night, 14th Dec 2011. We ordered the usual beef ribs, tongue and loin and reorder the same meat like 2-3 rounds. I must say that the food is pretty good and we did enjoy ourselves. The crude shock came only when we asked for the bill.

The superior beef ($12.80) we ordered was charged as super superior beef ($18.80). The beef loin ($16.80) was charged as wagyu beef loin 9$21.80). When I questioned the lady boss, her answers were ridiculous and that marked my last trip ever to this dishonest restaurant.

Apparently, when she was questioned about why we were charged for super superior beef ribs, she said it was because I pointed to the picture of it earlier. The actual fact is, I cant remember what I ordered during my last trip there and was confirming if the ribs has fats and is tender etc when I was pointing to the picture. Afterwhich, I clearly stated my order as superior beef ribs and not super superior beef ribs. Okay, some might say it might be miscommunications for this incident. Hear my 2nd one then.

Next, we highlighted the order of wagyu beef loin that was charged coz we merely wanted the normal beef loin. She blatantly pointed to the menu and said that the loin that she served us was as stated in menu, "just that" this item is priced according to market price. This "fact" was definitely not highlighted anywhere in the menu nor articulated by her at the point of ordering.

I believe this restaurant is lacking some basic business ethics and I even feel that they are out to con customers, especially those in big groups and usually wont check their receipt item by item. All I can say is, for the $20+- dollars that they'd cheated, they are gonna lose 1000 times more because I will ensure that everyone I know gets to hear this story.

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$200 for 2 pax
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