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The Naked Finn


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A casual-styled restaurant and bar offering high quality crustaceans, cooked simply, and most importantly, priced reasonably. Helmed by the duo who started Klee (bar) at Portsdown Road, this is also the perfect place to enjoy cocktails under the stars.

Mon - Thu: 18:00 - 00:00

Fri - Sat: 18:00 - 02:00

Eve of PH: 18:00 - 02:00

Closed: Sun

+65 66940807
$72 based on 22 submissions
Alfresco/Outdoor Dining (8 votes), Chillout (5 votes), Dinner (5 votes)
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Eva Aldea

Good food, nice place

Very good food, and prices are decent. Not cheap but the quality is very good, service great. Good location.

The HGW community like this place for...

  • Grilled Squid7 votes
  • Pan-fried barramundi4 votes
  • Homemade fresh coconut sorbet2 votes
  • South African Lobster2 votes
  • Barramundi cooked Teochew style1 vote
  • Chilled Piquant Vermicelli1 vote
  • Flambé clams1 vote
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15 Nov 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

Good food, nice place

Very good food, and prices are decent. Not cheap but the quality is very good, service great. Good location.
02 Sep 2014 • 5 reviews • 0 follower


Visited Naked Finn for my birthday celebration. Got the set meal for 2 (seems like everyone else is getting it!). But honestly, it was nothing to shout about, especially with the hefty price tag of $168.

1. Clams - so so only, soup wasn't tasty.
2. Baby squid - this was in my opinion the best dish! Texture was just nice - not too chewy or tough, well marinated with just the right amount of chao-tarness.
3. Scallop & bamboo clams - once again, pretty normal.
4. Mozambique lobsters - the lobsters were really tiny, and we only got 4 halves (even though the lady told us we'd get 5 halves).
5. Pan fried barramundi - I loved this!! Fish was fresh, skin was crispy.

Given a choice, I'd say DON'T go for the set meal, because (1) it doesn't contain prawns, and (2) you only get 4 lobster halves (versus 8 halves for $85 a la carte).

For the same amount of $168, you could easily get yourself the following from the a la carte menu: (1) prawns (8 pieces for $28 I think), (2) Mozambique lobsters (10 pieces for $85), (3) baby squid (approx $20) and still have money left over for fish!

Ambience: I thought this would be a fancy restaurant of sorts but was a little taken aback when I saw a shed-like hut with bare floors, a total of 4 indoor seats (which could seat 10 people), self-service water/payment. Minimalist yes, fine dining - definitely not.
22 Aug 2014 • 579 reviews • 22 followers

Get the set meal, for more value

For the full review, please see

Its off-the-beaten-path locale is a pain to get to if you don't drive, but parking is a breeze, because so few people come here.

While The Naked Finn is pricey, the food was good enough to make the meal somewhat value-for-money. Especially if you order the set meals. Homage is paid to its natural flavours with the barest touch of the grill, and adornments are kept to a minimum for the spotlight to shine squarely on the premium-grade seafood.

That said, my only gripe about this place was the staggered seating system; we got the earlier dinner slot at 6pm but had to vacate by 8pm for the next seating. I suppose it's a necessary evil, seeing as the restaurant is teeny tiny, and they need the turnover to stay afloat.

We had:

1) 7-course Set Dinner ($168++ for 2 pax) starting with a light Mesclun Salad, tossed in sesame oil and piquant balsamic vinegar dressing and laden with juicy orange slices. 
2) Soup of Flambeed New Zealand littleneck Clams: full-bodied and brimming with the sweetness of the clams. 
3) Chilled Vermicelli: simply seasoned with sesame oil, fried garlic mince and chives and deceptively addictive.  
4) Pan-Fried Barramundi Fillets: loved the contrast of the paper-crisp, golden hued skin against the moist flaky flesh. 
5) Grilled Baby Indian Squids: Chewy but never rubbery, these had a lovely caramelized char. 

6) Lightly Grilled Diver-Caught Great Atlantic Scallops: plump and succulent, and accentuated by fried garlic crisps 
7) Grilled Mozambique Lobsters: sweet with the smoky scent of the grill imbued into the bouncy flesh