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Amazing seafood

Food/Drink 5 | Value 4 | Ambience 5 | Service 5
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Since dining almost 2 years ago, The Naked Finn has moved to new premises, barely 100 meters away from their old haunt, which is, incidentally, now its sister bar. Its greenhouse aesthetic is maintained, so you get an expansive view of the lush surrounds of Gillman Barracks. It's a terrific escape from the hustle and bustle of city living. Be sure to make reservations though, it was a busy full house on a Friday afternoon when we popped by for lunch.
 Very little is done to the seafood, which is fresh and sweet. If you thought that read bland food, you'd be mightily mistaken. The food here is hearty and soulful, and robust with flavour. It's just that when the ingredient's that fresh and sweet, very little needs to be done to it.
 We had:

1) Grilled Indian Baby Squid ($8) - seasoned simply with a flick of sea salt and slick of olive oil: must try. Soft, sweet and succulent
 2) Beef Burger ($23): At first blush, it looked disappointingly minuscule. But (some, not all) good things come in small packages, and this turned out an indulgent, finger-licking-good powerhouse. The decadent grass-fed dry-aged Japanese wagyu patty, dripping with juices, came together with the Boston lettuce, American cheese, and special sauce brilliantly. Just be sure to get double (or triple) orders of this if you're hungry.

3) Pan-fried Barramundi Fillet ($20): paper-crisp skin and moist flaky meat. This was seasoned with olive oil and finished with sea salt, accompanied by a mound of blanched kangkong tossed in kalamansi juice, dried shrimp, and shallot oil, and vermicelli oiled in sesame and fried garlic bits, both served refreshingly chilled
 4) Hae Mee Tng ($25): a medley of farmed giant tiger prawns, Salmon Creek Farms pork belly, in a blended soup of 9 prawn species and simmered pork bones. This was rich and sweet but not cloying, as The Naked Finn resists the addition of MSG or sugar. Get the vermicelli for a traditional option, or the Japanese somen for a twist on the classic. 
 5) Homemade Naked Chendol ($13) with coconut sorbet: deconstructed version of a local classic, but refreshingly lovely
 6) Homemade Gula Melaka Sorbet with Sea Salt ($10): a twist on the flavour du jour, salted caramel. An absolute must-try.
 7) Homemade Sour Plum Sorbet ($10) with osmanthus jelly: recommended if you prefer a tangy refreshing end to your meal

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Food/Drink 4 | Value 1 | Ambience 3 | Service 1
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Ordered the dinner set meal, added two Alaska spot prawns and two cocktails. The cocktail is sorbet with a pack of liquor (or even half a apack, cos the portion was small). It’s worth a try if u are a chick. Cocktail and drinks are to average higher the net margin for restaurateurs. $20 each., is reasonable. (btw, the charming cashier will tell u the most expensive is the best). The two Alaska prawns that cost $20 each were also her recommendation. They were the size of my index finger. After peeling off the head and tail, its half the size (ok, my fingers are too long). Check out the pic, it’s the size of the tea light. I can read somewhere that its quality seafood, its wild caught or line-caught (not trawled caught), frozen onboard not frozen on land etc. from overseas bababa… So their suppliers charge them more, and they have to charge the consumers more. I think it all marketing bs. Total bill $268 for two person. And we left and had a pizza at Timbre. So did two old American gentlemen in their 50s, in biz wear, not some B-Grade dude trying to get a job in Singapore. They sat next to me for 5 mins, saw the menu and whisper to each other and left. +point. Lotsa car park lots. Don’t have to worry about the car parked next to you denting your door.

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Not worth it!

Food/Drink 2 | Value 1 | Ambience 2 | Service 2
Total Review: 1

This is one of the biggest disapointment I have had in a long time. 
Food is very plain no taste, nothing to remember.
No service but that was expected with the reviews... 
and very expensive for what it is ...much better seafood places in Singapore
don't waste you time or money

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not sure what's worse: food or service

Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 4 | Service 2
Total Review: 1

Had the set dinner with the prawns and a bottle of champagne.  

Good: Fortunately they didn't make the champagne.  Refill service was quite good by Singapore standards.

Bad: Food started off strong with the scallops and then pretty much fell off a cliff afterwards.  Hardly edible and much of it served at lukewarm temperature.  Kicked out at exactly 10pm...i.e. practically forced to have our inedibles packed (alas we don't have a dog we want to kill) and then presented with a check.  Don't think I've ever had that happen especially for a meal costing over $300...

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Good food but very poor service

Total Review: 1

I went there last night and booked a table for 3. There were 3 instances that left us disappointed: 1. The serving staff did not ask if we would like warm or cold water. They served us 3 glasses of warm water and we had to ask them to change 2 glasses to cold water. 2. We ordered 2 mesclun salad and 1 kang kong. The salad came but not the kang kong. There was no apology when I pointed out I did not get the kang kong. The waiter just quietly took the bill and had it corrected. 3. The grilled baby squid came but the condiments came only after the dish was almost finished. The barramundi, littleneck clams, and salad were good. Baby squid so so. For food I'd rate the place 71%, but service 35%. I spent $180 in all and I don't think it was well spent.

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