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Review for Nam Nam Noodle Bar (Raffles City)


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Address: #B1-47, Raffles City Shopping Centre, 252 North Bridge Road, 179103
04 Feb 2014 • 296 Reviews • 11 Followers

Delicious, will be back for more.

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Nam Nam Noodle Bar (Nam Nam) which specialises in serving Vietnamese cuisine belongs to the Les Amis Group (which includes the likes of Au Jardin, Bistro Du Vin, Canele and other restaurants). But unlike these upscale restaurants, Nam Nam offers more affordable food in a causal bistro setting targeting the mass market.  

Nam Nam first opened at Raffles City Shopping Centre in late 2012. Within a short time span of less than a year, two other outlets have opened at Wheelock Place and Suntec City.

I have frequently past by its outlet at Raffles City and wanted to try it on several occasions. However, there was always a long perceptual queue! This time, we decided to meet visit the eatery early at 1130am to beat the crowd. 

The Banh Min (Vietnamese bread, normally toasted baguettes) counter is located right in front of the eatery. 
Nam Nam's seven commandments - the Namnam-tiquette placed at the front of the eatery. 

On every table, there was a row of bottles of condiments. Personally, we did use any of them as the originally taste of the dishes were sufficient. 

We kick started the meal with the Southern Roll with Sweet Shrimps, Egg, Herbs $4.90 was served with hoisin sauce fried with chicken liver dip. The Southern Roll were bland on its own. You would need to dip it into the sauce provided which was the game changer. The combination of the dip enhanced the flavour and would ignite your taste buds. One 'glitch' was that the rice paper used to wrap the roll was too tough. They really need to improve on this aspect as we had a hard time biting into it.

The most famous Vietnamese dish is Pho which is essentially a bowl of rice noodles with herbs, spices and thinly sliced meat (normally beef or chicken) in beef stock. How could we not order Pho in a Vietnamese eatery!

The Pho Beef Steak Slices $8.90 was surprisingly good. The two main factor was the beef slices and the beef stock. The beef slices were thinly sliced, slightly uncooked, and hence were so soft and tender. The beef stock was light, rich, aromatic (due to the herbs) and the flavours were so well balanced. Together with the thin and smooth rice noodles, it was a hearty comforting bowl of Pho! Yummylicious!~ 

Ordered an Extra Topping: Wagyu Beef $2.50. It arrived in a small bowl. The stock was similar just that it was more robust - full beefy essence! The Wagyu Beef was also thinly sliced and was pinkish as it was slightly undercooked. This would be a good choice if you are a beef fanatic. 

The Pho Beef Balls $8.90 was average. Two main reasons. The beef balls were not as shiok as the beef slices in terms of flavour. In addition, the stock was not as beefy compared to the bowl of Pho Beef Steak Slices.

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