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Review for Nam Nam Noodle Bar (Raffles City)


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04 May 2014 • 4 Reviews • 0 Follower

Service bad, food so-so

We should never patronise business where workers are empowered to provide bad services. It all starts when the business would rather rent a bigger space, close up a portion, employ less workers, and let customers queue up outside instead. Really cannot understand the logic, maybe margins are fat enough. Beacause of the young kids, we needed the benches, but they simply refuses to open up the bench area, with the excuse of insufficient staff, even though its just 2 steps away. i was so pissed off when the waitress told me to go to their branch at suntec instead, as they have more staff there... w**, what kind of attitude is that!!! Something must be wrong with the management if Macdonalds can be adequately staffed, but not Nam Nam. Finally, back to food, its really so so. not much of QC, one bowl of broth had too strong a taste of star anise, but not the other. $6.90 for the small sandwich also expensive. Overall does not meet my expectation of delicioius but light vietnamese food. One might say that people are queueing up anyways... well, its because they wud rather keep the retaurant half-empty, make pple wait outside, to create the false impression of being highly sought after. Definitely my first and last time. Restaurants who take customers for granted should be shunned forever.

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