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Review for Nan Hua Chang Seafood Eating House


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Address: #01-71, 462 Crawford Lane, 190462
08 Oct 2012 • 1 Review • 5 Followers

Dishonest and Unreasonable

Will like to share this horrible fishy experience learnt :

Although there are 2 fish head steamboat eateries along this stretch of road, we have decided to try this one, with the RED signage, as it looks more comfortable wih air con.

Firstly, when we ask for menu, the waitress just pass us a piece of paper on the table with very few items, and NO prices, and told us that this is the menu.

-->  The woman was already plotting to cheat us from the very start. She intentionally do not want to show us the rates from the start.

Basically, she just told us there are 4 types of fish, at 4 different prices. Please note she did not mention that within each fish type, there are different sizes available. So we ordered a Red Snapper steamboat at $50. On top of that, we ordered 3 different side dishes, whereby we specifically state that we want SMALL sizes for all the side dishes as there were only 5 of us.

When the fish steamboat came, we thought they had given us the wrong pot, as it seem like the skin of the fish slices are all black in color, which shouldn't be like this, as we ordered RED SNAPPER. So we got the waitress who had taken our order come over to our table to check with her. And her reply to us : Yes, the skin of Red Snapper is black in color. As, we are not fish specialists, we chose to trust her.

--> She gave us a cheaper fish as compared to what we had ordered, and yet can lie through her teeth saying that the skin of RED SNAPPER is black.

However, as we carry on eating, we realized that there are only like 6-7 slices of fish in the pot, and it seem like our pot size is the same as other table which has only 2 people, and that there are bigger sizes for those tables with different groups.

--> She gave us a small-sized pot, and charge us at the rate of a big-sized pot.

So we went to ask for the menu from another waitress, and realized that they are different sizes available. At the same time, we asked another waitress to confirm what fish is inside our pot, and she said Black Garoupa, which is cheaper than Red Snapper, which is the one we ordered. But, when we asked why they give us Black Garoupa when we ordered Red Snapper, she started to twist her words... Omg.. What the hell is wrong with this shop?

Finally, we got the waitress who took our order to give us our bill, and know what, even though their menu says $10 each for small portions for 2 of the side dishes that we ordered, the bill says $12. When we asked the waitress why is it so, she said they go by head count, small is too little for us, so she upsize for us. But, please note that $12 is not their medium size rates too. It was just a random amount.

--> Even though there are different rates for S M L for their side dishes, the amount we are charged are neither of these 3 rates, we are charged with a random figure plucked from the sky.

Omg.. Ridiculously DISHONEST and UNREASONABLE!!

I will NEVER step foot in this place again.

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