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More than thirty years ago, Nanbantei was the first and only Yakitori restaurant in Singapore. Today, we are proud to say that we are still serving our signature skewers grilled over a special charcoal, which radiates high heat. Our Yakitori is known for its distinctive smoky flavour. Each skewer is lightly but well seasoned with sea salt and our experts at the grill always manage to make sure that each skewer has slightly charred edges and yet juice runs out of every bite. Our extensive menu will ensure that you and your guest will be able to find your favourite skewers in our restaurant.


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Nanbantei yakitori skewers
Nanbantei yakitori skewers
Pork with Okura; Pork with Asparagus
Pork with Okura; Pork with Asparagus
Ox Tongue
Ox Tongue
Sweet Corn
Sweet Corn
Counter Seats
Counter Seats
aji shioyaki
aji shioyaki

Latest Review for Nanbantei Japanese Restaurant

Overall RatingBased on 43 reviews
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Would definitely go back over and over again

Food/Drink 5| Value 4| Ambience 4| Service 3
Total Reviews: 17

Been there twice and will definitely keep going back whenver i can! 

Tried one of the yakitori lunch sets and I must say that for $16 - including a warm green tea, service charge and GST, I was very very contented. The serving was huge and yummy.
Although the ala carte prices for the yakitori is not all that cheap, I would say it's worth a try! Its the kind of food I wouldn't mind paying more for! 

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One of the better Japanese restaurants compared to Sushi Tei/Sakae Sushi

Food/Drink 5| Value 4| Ambience 3| Service 3
Total Reviews: 29

Full review with pictures:

Must try: Nanbantei's special sauce (comes with their Yasai Stick)

Among all the dishes, hands down to their Unagi Kabayaki! I'm not really a fan of Unagi due to their famous prices. This is the authentic Unagi from Japan!!! Those unagi served in Sushi tei/ichibanboshi can't even beat Nanbantei's~

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One of the better Yakitori joints in Singapore

Food/Drink 4| Value 3| Ambience 3| Service 3
Total Reviews: 104

My visit to Nanbantei all started when I brought my dining partner to Kazu for a meal. Not too impressed, he said "Nanbantei is better." Fast forward many months, we found ourselves with a dinner reservation at this place and yes, Nanbantei is better.

Reservations are a must at this cosy joint, and expect service to be efficient. Groups of three or less will be given counter seats with a great view of the grill, which is great if you need inspiration on what to order, not so much if you were intending to walk out smelling shower-fresh.

While waiting for your items to be cooked, you'll be served some raw vegetable sticks with salt and miso -- a perfect, rereshing side to the buffet of grilled food you'll be having. Of the many sticks of yakitori we ordered, our favourites were:
- Pork with Asparagus: thinly sliced pork wrapped around crisp asparagus spears
- Pork with Okura: thinly sliced pork wrapped around juicy ladyfingers
- Ox Tongue: gamy, chewy and flavourful
- Beef with Miso: a beautiful shade of pink inside by default
- Sweet Corn: WHY SO SWEET.
All items were well-salted and seasoned, grilled for just the right duration with a well-developed smokey flavour -- not a meal you could recreate at home just because you have the necessary ingredients.

On the side, we also got ourselves some garlic rice and potato salad - both not mindblowing (will any version ever be?) but extremely comforting and well-executed.

It was a great meal, and we'll be back for more. Perhaps for some chicken heart, lamb chops and avocado tempura?

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Authentic simple yakitori

Food/Drink 4| Value 3| Ambience 3| Service 3
Total Reviews: 71

Nanbantei is probably the oldest Japanese Yakitori Restaurant in Singapore. More photos and detailed experience at:

 Entering the simple wood furnished outlet, you can see that seats are limited in this homely and comfy restaurant. Simplicity is the core of Japanese cuisine. I’m very glad that they accept seat reservations if not I’d probably be eating Tori-Q instead. The ventilation system is also efficient, sucking away any of the smoke from the grill; an absolute requirement for a Yakitori restaurant.

A huge variety of yakitori and sashimi to choose from, Nanbantei excels on the simplicity of it's seasoning and ingredients, depending largely on freshness of the raw base component. 

The chefs just whip out whatever the order is, salts and peppers it then slaps it on the grill. That's pretty much the entire cooking process.

Not exactly cheap also for Yakitori, but it's a treat to see 2 live chefs grilling your food in front of you.

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