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03 Jul 2014 • 1965 Reviews • 260 Followers


Nantsuttei has recently moved to Orchard Central, and despite being relatively new in the vicinity, has quite a good lunch crowd.

I started with teh Yude Wantan ($6), six pieces of boiled pork dumplings cooked and then soaked in a light vinegar and soya sauce base.

I then tried the Fried Tori-karrage ($6). Unlike the usual fried chicken bits, they use tender pieces next to the chicken leg, chop it, deep fry the skin and then top it with radish sauce. Never seen it done like that before but it tasted good.

The main dish of the day though was the Marutoku Negi Chashu ($17). Roasted garlic in thick tonkotsu broth boiled for hours. I also liked the noodles, which did a good job of soaking in the broth.

Overall, was quite happy with the ramen. What was even more amazing was that for a team of three kitchen staff and one service staff, the restaurant was very efficient and despite a near full house the food and drinks service was really efficient.
Must Tries
Marutoku Negi Chasu Ramen, Fried Tori-karaage
Recommended for
Dinner, Lunch, Vibrant/Noisy
Average Spend
$56 for 2 pax
  • Yude Wantan
  • Fried tori-karaage
  • Marutoku Negi Chasu
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