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Reviews for Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant

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Comfortable dining ambience with decent Chinese food

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This has been around for the longest time at Bugis yet it took us only now to finally drop in with the variety of choices available around the area. Feeling like having Chinese food, we were left with only Crystal Jade or Nanxiang within Bugis Junction, this drew us in with their all-day dim sum!

Famished by the time we reached, we certainly ended up over-ordering for two pax. Starting off well was an adventurous dish that I was glad we took the risk for.

Sauteed Carrot Cake in Blended Rojak Sauce ($8)
Reading the menu, I’d expected 3 pieces of pan-fried carrot cake and this came as a surprise. I was dreading the greasiness from the fried cubes initially, but my first bite revealed a soft core made of carrot cake cube, and the crisp layer outside was fresh and didn’t have the oily greasy touch to it.

Best part of this had to be the sauce that had the shrimp paste as base for that slight fragrance, then a spice that gradually kicked in. It was a nice blend of spicy rojak that had retained a slightly sour tinge for that refreshing touch.

Steamed Prawn Dumpling/Har Gao ($5.50)
This is usually my test for dim sum and this turned out well with a good skin, though the dumpling could have been wrapped in a more tightly so there's a nice texture while chewing. I liked that the skin was of the right thickness and wasn't too sticky, and that the prawns were fresh as well.    Crab Roe & Pork Filling Steamed Bun ($13.80)
Considering that this is a place that has 小笼包 as its signature, this was quite a disappointing one. The broth was too thick that it was what the whole dumpling basically tasted of, and lacked the refreshing satisfaction you'd typically get from downing some clear soup to go with the meat filling. The crab roe was almost non-existent, or perhaps blended in too well with the broth.    Salted Egg Yolk Prawn Balls ($16.80) This caught our eye almost immediately when we glanced through the menu, with us being fans of salted egg yolk sauce that's so savoury it goes with almost anything! This, however was just lacking in flavour and was too dry that it was just like any normal fried prawn balls.    Golden Fried Rice ($10)
This was recommended by their service staff and wow, we were indeed impressed by this seemingly simple combination! With small shrimps finely chopped to add the subtle aroma, golden raisins and crispy pork floss, the savouriness mixed with the bursts of sweetness was just perfect with a crunch in every bite. We were bursting with so much food, but this was one that we'd swept clean pretty promptly!

We would probably be back for some good old classic food, like the fried rice that won us over, and possibly to avoid the crowded eateries in Bugis. They have quite a fair bit of variety if you'd just be craving for more than just the usual!
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ridiculous desert, LOL, it sucks.
31 Oct 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

Overall. Everything, sucks!!!

The service really sucks, and the $69 promotion meal is totally a joke, they tell me everything is two potions, but they serve me only one small potion of most of things, they say it is combined by two potions, I really feel very bad about this, they think customers are idiots?
And the aunties, they look tired and don't really want to serve people.
I can't get my$69 back, but I will never ever go to this place again!!!!!!!
29 Oct 2014 • 2 reviews • 0 follower

Not Worthy, don't get conned!

Bought "Dim Sum" advertised through Qoo10. Claimed priced at $35 offering $16.90. Good food enriches your soul. Was so looking forward to it, but the reality of the food here is a FAR CRY from the food advertised. what's served are cold oily fried stuff that's left over cooked, taste like s*** food ready to rot. Highly NOT RECOMMENDED for consumption if you treasure your health.
23 Oct 2014 • 2 reviews • 0 follower

Why does this restaurant even ever exist in Singapore

I am unwilling to even give even one star to this review but the systems force me to.

The service and ambience was moderately below average but it is already the most commendable factor.

Two of us order a 68.80 ser for two (though they brag it as a one for one promotion).  Does not matter, we in the end paid 85.69 after all the miscellaneus.

Let me go through in details all the dishes served :
1) Abalone rice :  The rice was edible and average.  However its already the best item of all the things they serve.  The fish maw and abalone totally is tasteless.  I suspect this is some out of date food which they bleach it several times to serve it.
2) Egg White Crab Meat : Totally tasteless too besides you can hardly find any crab meat in it.  We can't even comsume more than half of it
3) Crab Roe Steam Buns : If we only eat three out of six served.  Again its tasteless.  Out of the three we put into the mouth we had to throw it out after bitimg.
4) Lion Head Soup :   Its such a simple dish.  The meat ball probably has used expired frozen meat.  Trust me it would not certainly rank within last three if you line up 100 haweker stores in Singapore that serve such dish.
5)Egg Yolk Fried Prawn : we only ate three out of eight pieces they served
6) White fungus desert : Pay 1.50$ in hawker centre, you get much better than tbis.