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Review for Nara Thai Restaurant (ION Orchard)


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06 Apr 2014 • 1 Review • 0 Follower

Exceptionally good quality food and good service!

As a Filipino worked and live here, I would say that Singaporeans are mostly the same with Filipinos in terms of being family oriented and innate food lovers. From the great variety of food, the many places of interest and diverse culture of its people. I’m born with native filipino dishes but when friends introduce me Narathai Restaurant one of the newest restaurant along the busy Orchard City just across Lucky Plaza building (Filipino mall). Me and other colleagues from work dine and tried their dishes.
Hors d'oeuvre Nara - An assorted platter of Nara's best selling appetizers ranging from salad to grilled and fried items.

Tom Yum Kung –with strong Aroma of Lemongrass. Refreshing taste of lime and lemongrass and spice from chili)

Phu Nim Phad Pong Karee - Stir fried soft shell crab with yellow curry)
Pla Kra Pong Nung Manao - steam whole sea bass with refreshing homemade Lime chili sauce with a tint of spice. Aroma of Lime and Garlic)

Kuay Tiew Rua ( Ayuthaya Boat Noodles with Beef ) - Sweet Aroma of Homemade broth infused with pandan. strong flavors of broth with thai spices and tender beef slices

The taste is so great, one of the best Thai style I’ve ever tasted which was just brilliant due to freshness of ingredients, crisp and just rightly cooked Quality. Restaurant is very cozy and staffs (filipino, thai and locals) are very accommodating and friendly and fast in service. It’s one of my best experience. My hope lies in the filipino-born generation, born with Filipino hospitality in my veins, craving the comforting tastes I know from home, but worldly enough to adapt it to their cosmopolitan palates.
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