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Review for New Green Pasture Health Food Trading


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Address: #04-22, Fortune Centre, 190 Middle Road, 188979
30 May 2010 • 681 Reviews • 90 Followers

My favourite salad!

Once you step into the cafe, take a look at the menu(with pictures) place your order, pay, grab a seat and wait for your food. Their service here is a little unfriendly at times. They get a little fustrated if you ask them about the food, ingredients… blah blah. It’s also self-service here, they will shout out the name of the dish you have ordered and you would have to get it yourself.

The dining area resembles the typical dining room , with a few large and small tables. You can smell the STRONG smell of smoke but luckily there was no deep-frying being practiced here thus it’s not smoky, just a strong smell.

Rainbow Salad

It is called Rainbow salad as it consists of 7 different types of veggies in it—- Carrots, beetroots, turnips, red cabbage, dou miao, tomatoes and green cabbage. Mine was a special order- No sesame seeds, green beans and peanuts + extra salad dressing. I knew I’m a fussy and troublesome eater but they were willing to accede to my request.The salad has a tangy flavour as they have added some dried ginger , dried plums and pomelo ,providing a well -balanced of sour and savoury. They also added some raw green beans (sprouted, sesame seeds and peanuts and topped it with a few sheets of nori and crushed brown rice crackers. The veggies were all shredded thinly, giving it a crunchy texture and easier for the salad dressing to be mixed in. The brown rice cracker is also very crispy and addictive thus I bought a packet home. Their rainbow salad is still my favourite salad after all …. after trying so many variations of salads in Singapore.

Fruits and Veg Rojak

Instead of the having the normal rojak sold in the coffeeshops that uses shrimp paste, why not try this Fruit & Veg Rojak which uses a Plum sauce and with more fruits?

Rojak that uses shrimp paste is shiok but this version of rojak is equally outstanding. The rojak consists of a variety of fruits such as apples, pineapples, mangoes, cucumber, turnip, beetroots and carrots tossed in a plum sauce. The plum sauce provides a tangy flavour, which goes well with the fruits. Try this!

Seaweed roll

This is like the Japanese sushi minus the rice in it, replaced by shredded veggies.The nori sheets were chewy and the raw salads were similar to the ones in the rainbow salad. I would prefer the nori sheets to be slightly crispy. They have also added some mint and basil leaves which provides a tinge of refreshing after- taste. I would prefer the nori sheets to be slightly crispy.

Vietnamese roll

I thought 2 rolls of vietnamese rolls refers to the ones in the first picture thus I ordered 2 rolls. When it came, I was a little surprised but nontheless, we managed to finish them.

The fillings of the vietnamese roll is slightly different from the Seaweed roll. The fillings are quite similar to that of popiah, with tunips, carrots, soy bean cake and some vegetarian stuff in it. It was pretty ok but I do not like the thick and chewy vietnamese paper.

We ordered so many veggies rolls but managed to polish them off… I suddenly feel very healthy from a switch of occasional meat diet to a full veggies diet. I should come more often, for their rainbow salad!
Must Tries
Rainbow salad and Rojak
Average Spend
$30 for 1 pax
  • Rainbow salad
  • Fruits and veg rojak
  • Seaweed roll
  • Vietnamese roll
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