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Review for Niqqi's The Cheese Prata Shop


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07 Apr 2013 • 408 Reviews • 12 Followers

Lousy pratas

Just when we were about to step into the eatery, a staff stopped us in our tracks and told us to wait. Then he proceeded to take the order of some customers sitting near the entrance. We were baffled since it didn’t seem like we had to be led to tables.

In any case, we weren’t able to move. The staff had struck a pose while he wrote, leaning forward with his palm firmly planted on the table, bent at the waist and his backside ostensibly jutting out, thus blocking the way.

Nothing we could do but wait. Then he simply walked away when he was done, without even acknowledging us. w**?!?!

We let the matter slide and started perusing the menu. There were plenty of flavored pratas but my benchmark has always been the plain one.

Our drinks came really fast. My horlicks ($1.10) was exceedingly sweet while K’s water chestnut ($1.70) was alright.

As for the pratas, the plain ($0.90) failed miserably! Full of holes, I bet the dough was very small to begin with and then stretched beyond capacity. There’s no texture to speak of, it being devoid of fluffy layers and totally lacking in crispiness.

The cheese ($3) fared better only because of the filling, but the dough was unremarkable.

We thought the sardine murtabak ($6.50) contained too little ingredients, so the mouthfeel wasn’t all that great even though the flavor was passable.

Also, the accompanying curry didn’t pack much heat and was disappointingly bland.

Needless to say, our experience was downright dismal and we undeniably regretted this trip.

Total damage: $17.10 nett
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